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  1. I am wondering about glazing in a cold garage ( 27^) The bisque is cold, the glazes are cold. Does this affect the outcome? or is it of no concern

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    2. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      It'll be uncomfortable for you, but your pots won't care. Don't let the glaze bucket freeze though. It'll hard pan like nothing else I've ever seen.

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      You should probably heat the pottery up very slow. I remember a potter friend I had many moons ago. He had a studio the size of an airplane hanger. Anyway, he had a ceremonial platter he had to fire, but it was below freezing and he was in a hurry. He could have waited, but he didn't. The plate blew into a million pieces.

    4. cam


      oh dear!

      thnx guys...we'll see tomorrow

  2. I was actually looking for the deep blue glaze recipe as I used to get a similar result with Floating Blue over a Black but it doesn't seem to be working successfully any more! ...running like crazy;(
  3. I Love your glaze (& slip technique). Is it ^6? I use to combine a Floating Blue over a black to get a deep blue but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.
  4. Thanks Neil... That's just the kind of explanation I needed.
  5. I do use cone packs in my kilns. That's why I know the variation. I try to bisque to 04 and glaze at ^ 5-6. Now I would like to know if I need to rebisque whatever does not reach even the 'cooler' ^06. Or does it not matter much... Just absorbing the glaze more (& what is the effect of that!) Sorry, I guess I don't make my guestions very clear.
  6. The kiln is electric.... Old small, manual Scutt...rewired awhile ago. I put a ^ 03 bar in the cone sitter in order to reach ^04. The variation in temps has increased (and reversed) over time. The bottom used to be the hot spot. So, I hold the high fired ware longer in the glaze when dipping. Do I need to refire/bisque the lg platter that didn't reach ^ 06? Thnx
  7. How does over firing bisque to ^03 affect future glaze results? Or ( as I've finished unloading the kiln) ... Not reaching ^06. cam
  8. Thnx Min for your response. I've done all you suggested over the last 6 days...the last two being upside down ...with a fan ...but plastic around the rims. (Never used foam?) My concern now is are they EVER going to pop off and if so (without forcing) am I going to be able to foot them! You are right. I'm sure they (the bats) never really dried out as I had done 6 previously and it has been very humid here. A lesson learned I guess....but they feel really dry now!? My other problem (you mentioned in passing) is I'm thinking the rims are pulling up (drying faster?) because I had to refoot my previous ones as they would end up raised in the middle ... Or spinning on that middle foot ring (which after losing a few I eliminated). I don't ever seem to remember having such a problem. What do you find is the best way to dry plates and platters. Upside down? Right side up with a heavy bat on top? And clay lover... What's/is there a difference between plaster and hydro? I just find my old plaster bats uneven, and I like the convenience of pins.
  9. Help. This is day 6 of waiting for 12" plates to 'pop off' hydrobats😳
  10. I am on this site looking for solutions to my pin-holing problems. I have an old small manual Skutt and a newer Cress. In both I try to bisque fire to ^04 for glazes designed for ^5-6. I'm mostly using Standard Clay 182 (a white stoneware) and 112 (a brown with manganese). Am I to understand that bisque firing to ^03 may help? It won't make the pot too tight? to absorb the glaze? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well ... over my head
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