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  1. Ship afaik is not far from Kyoto. About an hour or so. It's on some ceramic day tours from Kyoto, so if you have a rail pass, it shouldn't be a costly or an extremely long trip.
  2. From the album: Cha Buta An Tea Ware

    © &copy Chabuta 2011

  3. GJPagano

    Cha Buta An Tea Ware

    These are some of the hand built pieces that will be available on my teaware site.
  4. From the album: Cha Buta An Tea Ware

    © &copy Chabuta 2011

  5. From the album: Cha Buta An Tea Ware

    © &copy Chabuta 2011

  6. I've been studying the Japanese way of tea in all it's aspects including Cha-Kaiseki, the meal served with a formal tea. What really drew me to this course of study (as a one time chef and a would be potter), is the attention paid to choosing the right ceramics that will enhance the food item as well as the seasonality of the dish. There are a couple of magazines that I purchase at a Japanese book store (unfortunately in Japanese only) that illustrate the visual and emotional connection bewteween food and pottery. I'll post the names once I get home. What I like about this, is that it's not limited to just Japanese traditional foods and pottery. The same aesthetics can be applied to any food and pottery. It's all about juxtapostion, color, texture, season...everything to create a visual harmony that creates a moment when food meets pottery on the table. Very cool stuff.
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