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  1. thanks for the info. It is a relief tile and I want to make it look different. The glaze is welled up in the recesses and I'd like to just have a plain tile and do another look altogether with the color I just wonder if there is a chemical that will eat the glaze (like etch solution can dissolve glass right?) but not damage the clay?
  2. Hi, I want to take an old tile and get the glaze off of it or as much of it as possible. I have no prior ceramic experience. (your laughing right?) I assume it is not possible but I was reading about some mistake a low fire glaze put in a high temp shelf and the glaze ran off. So can I put a majolica tile (100 years old?) into a kiln and tilt it in some pan to catch glaze and expect at least some of the glaze to run off? Having no idea what cone it was fired at (I assume cone is temp) what will happen if it goes into the hottest kiln possible, could the tile crack ? I also wonder is there any chemical process that would eat the glaze without eating the tile. It's glass right? How about taking a torch to the tile surface? (probably not hot enough unless it's something for 4" steel right?) Thanks for any info you can provide - probably the least discussed topic in all ceramic arts right?
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