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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded. John, the piece is kept indoors. It is a lowfire white clay that was bisqued to cone 04. I used a commerical white glaze fired to cone 06. The piece is for decorative use only. It's a mystery.....
  2. I received a message from a customer saying that the white sculpture that she bought from me two years ago is starting to yellow. The piece was glazed with a low fire glossy white glaze. Anyone have any ideas on how to return the piece to its original color? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a relative who had this surgery. She was able to find a hand surgeon at Temple University hospital in Philadelphia who performs the surgery without using the tendon from the wrist. He uses a synthetic tendon. My relative recovered very quickly and is doing very well. Dr. Thodor is his name. Good luck! Renée Chase
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