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  1. Woof! Thank you Min and Kaitlynne for resurrecting my hershey8   account. It's been a long time since I've been able to communicate  with my fellow potters and ceramists on this forum. Trouble began when someone stole one of my laptops. Hershey disappeared/presumed dead, years ago. I still love seeing his face and green eyes on this site...."His spirit shadows me everywhere I go"  john autry (hershey8) CHEERS!

    1. Min


      Kaitlynne fixed it, it's beyond the scope of a mod to reset passwords, I just passed it along to her. Glad it's all sorted, nice to see Hershey back again on the forum but belated condolences on your loss. 

  2. Making  some extruder dies for mug handles. The dies and the handles are  quite the journey.


  3. Made a crude throwing stick out of some black walnut, today. Needs a little more sanding, but works pretty well.  Think I'll make a few more with different shapes.

    1. LeeU


      I had a chocolate lab too--so special. The stick sounds wonderful--a photo would be nice--too bad it's such a pain to resize them (well, to me, anyway).. 

    2. hershey8


      Lee, I will make more throwing sticks and plan to photograph them. Then. if the stars line up right , and the cam and the computer will cooperate, I'll post them. No big deal. I have a thickness planer that allows me to get the wood to the thickness I desire.  Mark the profile, cut out with jigsaw, sand, and coat with teak oil or some sealing compound.   ja


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