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  1. Only got his email and it does not work anymore. .... Though this thread has given me some food for thought. I think I will try different things to see if it works, focusing on improving ventilation and ordering in a pyrometer. Thanks everyone.
  2. My bag wall was not removed and my kiln was only half filled.
  3. Here is the log sheet I was going off of. followed exactly except replace the cones with 3, 4, 5.
  4. I usually leave an area around the exhaust for ventilation. My tanks don't really freeze all that much, just gets covered with frost which I usually wipe away with a damp cloth, thanks anyway. The floor is metal caging, fibre and than bricks. I usually use plastic bags and tape to close up the burner holes when not in use cause I have had a wasp nest up there once upon a time. After talking with you guys I think it may be the poor circulation within the kiln, however as I have said the kiln has reached cone 10 before...
  5. I did exactly the same as the log sheets the previous guy gave me, tanks do become frosted over, I have never taken note of when this happens other to notice that I need a refill soon. Tried to fire it again and it failed. However I got a shock when flames kept coming out of the oxygen intake section of my gas burner. I am guessing a internal problem and am going to call the gas guy. However since I am a newbie I thought I would ask too see if had anything to do with what I was doing? (It only began around 3 hrs after I began, after an hr or two of fiddling I shut the gas off.) Once the kiln
  6. I don't know, I'll try a refire with the damper half open and see if that improves the temp climb, I have also but a few more lower temp cones in.
  7. The chimney isn't blocked, I have recently refilled the gas tanks and had the burner cleaned out. It's not a a cross draft kiln. Inside the kiln was glowing orange. The last owner managed to get it to cone10 in 7-9hrs. The burner is next to the exhaust with 3 bricks inside the kiln dividing them. Btw could you suggest what type/brand of pyrometer I should get?
  8. Ifnotisabelle

    Past Uni work

    Past ceramics created when I was learning at Uni.
  9. From the album: Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  10. For further viewing of my ceramics please proceed to https://www.facebook.com/IsabelleFreckelton

  11. From the album: Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  12. From the album: Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  13. From the album: Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  14. This looks like a nice corner of the internet.

  15. Thanks for answering. Am working on profile now. Here are two images of the hood for a better look'n'see + an image of the exhaust. Oxidation, damper was fully open the whole time. No pyrometer(have to go old school till I can save up for one.) Yes there is only one burner. Weather was sunny and windy but I made sure the burner was protected from the wind. The exhaust is an inch or 2 above the in kiln floor and has small bisque ware objects in front. The burner is an inch away from the side of the kiln and the hood is about an inch above as well. I think the hood could be too close too...
  16. This is my first gas kiln and I have had a successful test firing and bisque firing. The man who I brought it off gave me his old successful kiln log sheets so I have been working of that. I went to start a glaze firing at 7am in the morning, by 9pm at night I cone 3, 4, 5 had not melted so I called it a night and shut it off. Any suggestions?? (attached is some pics of my kiln for reference) (Internal firing space 650x650x650)
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