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  1. Yes, I'm all over the RPM, CFM and other specs. The mounting flange was my main concern, hoping for an easy transition. I'll bite the bullet and rig, if necessary. I don't begrudge Skutt for marking up; however, $65ish markup feels excessive on a $95ish (retail) motor. Mark, thank you for your thorough response! You too neilestrick! michael
  2. Mark C, I already posted in the previous topic with hopes of clarification. The information given was not specific to Envirovent 2.
  3. Has anyone found a suitable replacement motor for Skutt's Envirovent 2? I realize Skutt sells replacements, but was hoping for something less expensive and easily swapped with the old motor. Thanks! Regards, No Draft
  4. Jemenfous5, I, too, need to replace my EnviroVent 2 motor. Do you recall what you ended up purchasing? Was it a simple change over and does it work well? Thanks! Michael
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