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  1. So, my fella is awesome. He found a grippy turnstyle thingy at a thrift store and got it for me. It has little padded prongs to grip cup-like objects for decorating, so I don't have to hold it while I underglaze! ^_^

  2. Packing for Barcelona leaving tomorrow. Bringing a foil saggar fired pot for a show at Etorn in September.

    1. BeckyH


      Take the time to ride the teleferrico over the harbor and stop in at Cocoa Sampka for an afternoon snack. It's a wonderful city!

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  3. So, guess who literally found almost $100.00 worth of underglaze at a thrift store in a bag marked $5.00? And then won a $1.00 discount off of it? YEP; THIS guinea pig!! ^_^

  4. Had a great trip to Andalusia , Spain and through Extremadura to and from Madrid. Saw many pots from where I had visited in 1980s doing research. sadly most of the traditional potters are no longer around.

    1. BeckyH


      I loved Spain. Barcelona was the best, but much of Andalusia was also wonderful.

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  5. The Valley Fire wiped me out. Been to our property and our whole neighborhood is destroyed. I lost all: three wheels, three kilns, 400-500 pots, etc... I can replace my equipment and materials but my pots... that's where my big loss is because I can only claim cost of materials. All my hours of work and potential earnings are lost. I have a lot of questions which I'll be addressing in specific sections of the forum. I'm applying for a CERF grant and have set up an account for dona...

    1. BeckyH




      If anything beyond cash would be helpful, please let us know!

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  6. My house/studio was burned to the ground in the Valley Fire that started very close to my home. Our street was the first to go and my area is totally destroyed. 75% of the homes in my little town are gone. I had over 300 pots ready for fairs and of course, all the pottery we use daily. I’m devastated. I’m hoping I’ll be able to recover some pots that didn’t break/melt, and maybe my kilns? Wheel? The evacuation order hasn’t been lifted yet. With the shards I’ll make a big mosaic wall when we...

  7. So, guess who got her pottery juried into a gallery for an animal charity event? This rodent! 20% goes to charity and the rest is for me. SO PROUD. ^_^

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