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  1. Am I the only one to receive offers to give a one to one free workshops to total strangers?

    1. Chilly


      No offers for me either, but when I was an IT trainer, I did "at-desk" training and the department finance guys would get upset that we charged the participant plus any colleagues who gathered around and watched. Our answer was that if you got on a bus and your friend was "just coming with you", they too would have to pay!

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  2. My non-art brain is being pushed to the hilt. I have to design a 60+ tile mural for Scouts and Explorer Scouts to carve at an event in July. I wish my mouth would learn to stay shut.

  3. My non-art brain is being pushed to the hilt. I have to design a 60+ tile mural for Scouts and Explorer Scouts to carve at an event in July. I wish my mouth would learn to stay shut.

    1. Chilly


      Yeah, I'm thinking the mural should be like a photo montage of the weekends activities - pole-lathing, blacksmithing, baking bread, basket-making, archery, jousting. Oh yea, and pottery!

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  4. It is time to take my newly acquired underglazes and see if spraying/blending is everything it is cracked up to be...why not, nothing say 'summer fun' like a couple of hours in a respirator mask, right?

  5. I've been waiting so long for a dry day here in the UK to do some firing outside! It's raining all week :'(

  6. Me and plaster of paris never seem to get along. :(

  7. Finally got around to firing my bisque with a peep out and vent on! Bloating be GONE!

  8. There was this strangly bright orb in the sky today...probably some extraterrestrial who just wanted to steal our snow :)

  9. Working with clay has made me a hoarder. I am always thinking, I could use that in the studio, or I could make a tool out of that and I don't throw it away.

    1. Chilly


      I too collect stuff. Our Scout Campsite collects scrap metal to raise funds. Yesterday I rescued two metal racks for ......glazing/slip draining..

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  10. I'll have to wait until late evening to open the latest gas firing...unless I can find a little robot-guy in a fire suit to squeeze through a peep hole and broadcast pictures from inside...OK, so I still get excited to see new work, so shoot me ! *grin*

  11. Neck deep in tax prep and tree pruning.

  12. Cleaning the studio. I should kick the person who made such a mess. Oh. Wait. :)

  13. Going steelhead fishing midday today 5 minutes away-need to be outside in the sun a bit.

  14. Love it when a glaze comes out completely different than it is supposed to. Not sure if it was the different clay or I didn't apply it on the same way.

  15. three spams today. It is easy enough to report to the moderators. just hit the report button in lower right hand corner of the post.

    1. Chilly


      So far the spam seems pointless but not offensive. Providing it doesn't become offensive I think there's no need to go to the expense and time to make changes

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  16. Finished a long day of working a holiday pop-up market... this may be what clay feels like as it is slammed against a wedging table.

  17. I should know better than to do shows Ina church, no matter how nice the neighbourhood. Sold 3 whole pieces today.

  18. Kiln opening tomorrow. Will my thick sculptures be OK. Will the underglazes (first-timer) have worked out OK. Will I sleep tonight?

  19. Cold and damp. Glaze taking ages to dry. Bye bye summer :-(

  20. what do your dislike more; waiting for a kiln to cool or watching paint dry?

  21. Made my first sale on Etsy :D feels good.

  22. Started on a flower pot yesterday that i have been thinking about for the past 3 weeks..

  23. I can't stop looking on ebay for cheap kilns. I think I have a problem... maybe. I just found a 75 litre kiln for £100! Do I travel the 200 miles to go and buy it :g

  24. Moving back towards the dark, after the start of fall..

    1. Chilly


      Equinox was this week. Days are definitely getting shorter..I'm at latitude 51.33 deg north and sunrise/sunset are 06:50/18:48.

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