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  1. No, we looked at lots of pictures, videos and "how-tos" and came up with our own plan.  Partly from "stock material" sizes, partly to fit the storage space, partly...........

    The bit we splashed out on was the heavy duty thick walled pipe.

    I really love it, it lived for a while on it's end under the bench in the greenhouse, and I used it on the workhorse stand out in the garden.  I finally cleared off enough bench space so it now lives permanently on the bench, ready for immediate  use.

    It's adjustable by removing the inside floor, which comprises two (3?) pieces of mdf, and two A2 cutting mats, one to protect the mdf from wet clay, then second to give finer adjustment to rolling thickness.

  2. It's in the scout hall where the Explorer scouts meet.  They carved/scribed the tiles 3 years ago, and it got mounted earlier this year, but last week was the first time I was there with a camera !!

    A fantastic artist friend of mine drew each of the scenes and I scaled and arranged them.  I rolled and cut the tiles with a broken collarbone.  No, actually, my partner rolled and cut for me.  I just wrapped and stacked and kept them in the right condition for carving.


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