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  1. On 10/12/2021 at 4:42 PM, Pres said:

    Teaching others!

    Oh yes, so true.  Really sharpens the learning.


    As for books, they are easier to hold open on a page while you are looking at the kiln programmer, or fixing the shower tap, or knitting a row of complicated stitches.  But, sometime words just cannot describe what needs to be done - if a picture tells a thousand words, then a video must tell a million.  But only a good video, correctly edited, good background, no errs and umms.

  2. 19 hours ago, ladyinblack1964 said:

    looks like I'm getting recycled clay to work with. I"m not sure if there's an advantage to tha

    There are two advantages to using recycled clay: cost and waste.

    At the centre where I volunteer we use both.  Which one gets handed out usually depends on moisture content and proposed use - slab, coiling, pinch, throwing.  Also how busy I have been, and how much waste clay the rest of the group have produced.

    If we didn't recycle the clay, our costs would go up, and we'd have to charge more.  Some potters create a lot of waste, they forget to keep the spare clay covered, or they let something dry too much, or they break it at greenware stage.  I often prefer the re-cycled stuff, I have more control over it's moisture content, I can let it dry a few more minutes to get it just right.  Out of the bag it is how it is.

  3. Further to @Callie Beller Diesels excellent comments, glass fusers know not to mix COE 96 with COE 90 glass. Because they don't fit together.

    And many potters know that using clay and glaze with non-matching COE can cause shivering or crazing.  Because they don't fit together.

    Mixing glass and clay is just asking for problems down the line.  I have unjoined many clay forums in the past due to a constant non-belief by some members that the two are just incompatible.

    There is a lifetime of testing available with glaze that is designed to work with clay, why introduce an element that is known to be incompatible.


    Edited to add, using the "next" button has taken me to a post on shivering glazes.  Just goes to show there are enough "fit" problems with glaze, without adding glass into the mix!

  4. On 9/30/2021 at 10:43 PM, docweathers said:

    It has been about a month since firing so I would think any spontaneous shivering would have happened.

    I'd give it a good six months before declaring them anywhere near safe.  Hot/cold/dry/damp a whole weather and heating systems worth.  

    And I still wouldn't do it.  To me it's like mixing petrol and diesel in my car.

  5. 3 hours ago, neilestrick said:

    With 2 people, one uses tongs on the rim to hold it steady, the other uses a flat shovel underneath to pick it up and carry it. The tong person can tilt the piece to assist getting the shovel under it. Teamwork!

    And practice removing it from a cold kiln before you start.

  6. As @Mark C. says. they're different to load.

    For me, putting the shelves into the front loader is harder on my back than bending down to load the top-loader.  The shelf is hanging from your fingertips as you put it all the way in, trying not to drop it on the shelf-load below.

    I own the top-loader, and use the front-loader at the community centre.  I prefer the front-loader, just easier to add tiny extras to a lower shelf.



  7. Hi @Ceramics.np.04  I'm assuming you are in the UK ?

    I was in a similar position 2 years ago.  Same type of error with a Stafford controller.  When we removed the thermocouple it was broken, but still working sometimes!

    I did a lot of research into replacements.  The kiln companies either couldn't supply, or wanted stupid money, so I bought from Peak Sensors.  I think I sent them a photo of the offending part.  (It was 2.5 years ago, and I've slept since then!)

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