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  1. This is a really cool post. I'm eager to try doing this myself in my new studio. Does anyone have any other links to other tutorial-esque blogs and other sources of great ceramic inspiration?
  2. Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate all the input. After taking what you've guys have said, I think what I will do is a test fire to cone 06, and perhaps another test fire to cone 04 with another batch. I intend to brush glazes on, so I assume I wouldn't need quite as tight of clay body as bisquing all the way up to cone 04 would get it, so cone 06 may be a good point for me to try first at. (Is that the correct conclusion to make?) Our local ceramic store is pretty great too but they are a small, small business that operates during my full-time work hours, so it's not always a
  3. Hi everybody! I'm completely new to the forums here, and while I've gotten a great amount of information through lurking, I'm still pretty new to much concerning ceramic arts. I really apologize for all my questions -- I started working with ceramics back in high school, but I've never truly done it on my own, so I feel like I'm starting all over again! I have been working with a Flint Hills Cone 6 Buff stoneware, and I'm getting together some practice pots to do my first firing with ever. My first question -- I don't see any specific recommendations on the box for this clay, so I assu
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