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  1. This is a really cool post. I'm eager to try doing this myself in my new studio. Does anyone have any other links to other tutorial-esque blogs and other sources of great ceramic inspiration?
  2. Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate all the input. After taking what you've guys have said, I think what I will do is a test fire to cone 06, and perhaps another test fire to cone 04 with another batch. I intend to brush glazes on, so I assume I wouldn't need quite as tight of clay body as bisquing all the way up to cone 04 would get it, so cone 06 may be a good point for me to try first at. (Is that the correct conclusion to make?) Our local ceramic store is pretty great too but they are a small, small business that operates during my full-time work hours, so it's not always as quick of a reply from them. Plus, I really appreciate the depth and comprehensiveness of the answers, I'm the kind of person that likes to know EVERYTHING going into something like my first test firing. After my first test firing, which is realistically a week or two out yet, when I'm looking through the finished bisqued pieces, are there any specific attributes or qualities that I am looking for to determine whether or not I needed to fire higher/lower, or will this be evident after seeing how the glaze fire works out? Also, Bob, you were correct! My kiln is indeed an old Cress. I've attached a couple pictures just in case anybody is interested in the exact model or anything like that. Thanks again everyone, you are really helping!
  3. Hi everybody! I'm completely new to the forums here, and while I've gotten a great amount of information through lurking, I'm still pretty new to much concerning ceramic arts. I really apologize for all my questions -- I started working with ceramics back in high school, but I've never truly done it on my own, so I feel like I'm starting all over again! I have been working with a Flint Hills Cone 6 Buff stoneware, and I'm getting together some practice pots to do my first firing with ever. My first question -- I don't see any specific recommendations on the box for this clay, so I assume I should bisque fire to cone 06-04? But specifically speaking, would cone 04 be best to fire to? Also, I have an old kiln that I purchased on Craigslist that states on the machine, do not fire any higher than cone 6! When I get home I can get specific model and maker information, but I do know it's not one of the well known manufacturers like Skutt. Do you think that it will be safe to glaze fire to cone 6 in this kiln later down the road? I will be using only commercial glazes to start with for consistency and stability while I'm still learning how to fire and everything. I really appreciate any insight that you might be able to share! I never realized how fully indepth and complex ceramic arts could be, so any help navigating the topic would be amazing.
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