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  1. I have to re-throw a series of spoon rests for a housing development this morning. I threw them in white stoneware, turned my head to look at this mug on the shelf. It was the mug the customer pointed at for glaze selection. How did I get that irony green rim? Duh! Hazelnut brown clay... 24 hazelnut brown spoon rests coming up!

    1. bciskepottery


      And now you have back stock. You happy with Hazelnut vs 266?

    2. MikeFaul


      I like them both... The hazelnut is 211, a bit darker than 112 and no specs. 266 is almost black, very reactive. We us 266 for flower pots. The 211 we're doing a line of "Farm House" dinnerware. With a Tin Ox glaze. These were sort of freaks. This guy walked in and saw this mug that was left out and loved it because the colors matched their corporate colors perfectly. So, Elizabeth sold the glaze-which is exactly what she was suppose to do. No biggie, I have the almost all done no...

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