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    Many... Too Many... Too Little time...

    Functional & Sculptural Ceramics
    Hand Building, Throwing, and Designing

    Surface Design

    Firing to Cone 6 Ceramics

    Multiple glazes on a single form applied with an HVLP spray gun

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  1. Good Bye Brooklyn Red... My hands are chafed all to heck...

    1. trina


      good thing my hands grow back as i have actually sanded then off a couple of times...T

    2. Biglou13


      Is the Brooklyn ' gritty


    3. MikeFaul


      Has a good bit of tooth... Also, produces a good bit of slip, but remains rather firm while throwing. It took a lot of muscle to move it while throwing plates. The slip seems to go everywhere... I had to mop the floor twice to get rid of the red haze from the splatter. My hands looked like a corpse and had a red tint for 48 hours. My wife said my hands were so rough after only throwing a single bag. Oddly, the clay dries with a wonderful feel that made me want to play with it some more... Goi...

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