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  1. H i how do I find potters attic group is it only in USA as I'm in UK and can't find it. I've not been on facebook very long it still confuses me. thanks.
  2. I only slab build as arthritis in my hands prevents me from pinching and wheel work. I don't find it at all limiting especially with all the great ideas on this site,thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge. Sadly I only have a half day a week no where near enough time to run out of ideas.
  3. Hi just realised I attached photo of cracked pot in the Adding a Photo with this New Software group so I'll try again. This is all totally new to me including taking photos so help would be appreciated as long as the language is simple. The tray shape was taken from a Ceramic Arts post by Glenn Wood thanks Glenn for a lovely idea I shall try again without the crack next time. All our glazes are mass produced for safety reasons as the room is too small for mixing safely. This still leaves so many ways to combine stains and glazes it should keep me happy for years. All the best to friendly potters out there keep posting. Linda
  4. lindaw49


    Love your colours so vibrant . Linda
  5. Hi just found the photo attach button so does this work? This tray cracked in firing but I still like it. Linda
  6. I use an Arts centre funded by Mind, a mental health charity, and run by volunteers so there is very little money and no permanent trained staff. Havind said that we turn out some interesting work with a low level of damaged items possibly because for safety reasons only one person is allowed to load/unload and run the kiln. We also have problems with other people who use the same space handling wares even when asked not to,polite notices don't work so we are getting mesh doors for the shelves. Cleaning and tidying iss done by users at the end of each class and mostly works,there are always those who skive off. Thanks to everyone in the Ceramics Community for sharing their ideas and opening up a marvellous creative field for me to explore. Wish I knew how to attach photos to show you what we do. Linda
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