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    Painting, stained glass, but mainly pottery. My business partner have a studio and we love it! We have a great time. We do sale some but we both do have day jobs!
  1. What type glaze do you use for the black? I really like that texture.
  2. Sorry about your mishap. But things happen. I do bet this will not happen again to you. I am also a nurse (besides a potter) and I had a nursing instructor tell me 36 years ago that if a nurse tells you they never made a medication error, they would be lying. Same goes for firing a kiln. Anybody ever tell you they never messed up a firing, I would doubt their truthfulness. Don't beat yourself up. I always fire my kiln at night and it turns out fine. So, good luck to you and enjoy while you learn! Joanie
  3. I am glad everything worked out ok. Don't get discouraged with certain remarks. That's why I don't say a lot here. I do learn a lot though and enjoy this site, but there are certain members I don't care to read what they have to say. Know what I mean?
  4. Thanks for your replies. I did see that the prong had fallen out and the ceramic tube is no longer there. I think we can fix this so it is a minor setback. Have a show in April and need to fire, fire, fire.
  5. Thanks! I will check if it just came out of the slot or burned off. What should I do about the situation if it is burned off? Any suggestions?
  6. They slide in the slots in the ceramic tube and have ears so it stops-If the tube is broken at the slot then the holder may not work anymore. Check out the other holder to see what this looks like. The rod in the middle fits on top of cone and does not hold it as cone melts the rod drops and turns off kiln. Mark
  7. I have an older kiln (sorry I am at work and don't know the brand) that has 3 prongs inside the kiln to hold the cone. One of the prongs literally fell out of the brick onto the kiln floor. Can anyone tell me how to reinsert the prong and it stay in place? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you for the great advise. I am changing up my booths (I always get 2 10 x 10) and your information and photos will help.
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