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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Roberta12 in Glaze Spray Gun?   
    Another vote for the Harbor Freight HVLP gun.  I am still using the one I bought 4 or more years ago.  I bought a second one when they were on sale simply because I don't live close to a Harbor Freight and I have not used it yet.  ditto on the sieve.....  I use 40-45 psi
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to graybeard in Glaze Spray Gun?   
    I've been using the "cheep" HARBOR FREIGHT GRAVITY FEED HVLP gun for a couple years now, liked it so much
    I went back and bought a second one to use when the tip and needle wore out on the first
    one. Hasn't happened yet! anyway, well worth the $17.00 just clean it well after you
    use it.
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Mark C. in Anatomy Of A Great Show   
    I do have a theme it's functional pottery for saleIt's been the same theme for 40 plus years
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Mark C. in Anatomy Of A Great Show   
    One of my ways to really increase sales for every show I do and what I mean is bring home a few extra thousand per show is to offer small stuff. This lowers the average sale because
    it dilutes the total and brings your average way down but when I sell say 400 5 dollar spoon rests that's another 2 k I,m bringing home
    I sell many 40 to 80 dollar sales but those small spoon rests and 10 dollar sponge holders and soap dishes lower the average
    So I offer at least 3 items that are 10 dollars and under and folks most always get a few of then along with other items
    A few buy just a spoon rest and at Xmas it's often 10 or more spoon rests
    This decesion to offer small stuff which I made only about 15 -20 years ago has been a financial boom for me
    It's not for everyone as many potters will not make small stuff as its beneath them but I,m laughing about it all the way to the bank .
    I can extrude soap dishes fast throw 50 spoon rests in 45 minutes and knock out the sponge holders fast
    Most of them fit in kiln spaces as stuffers for free firing anyway
    When you bank your 1st 100 k in small stuff sales you will feel different about making the,
    I track how many spoon rests I sell at a show so I know to bring 100 more next time
    I, at a show to make money and am long over any ego issues on what items that may involve.
    I should add that every item in terms of these small items has a sweet spot price wise and when you exceed that price point sales go way down on that item. I have learned to keep that price at the spot that maximum sales occur.
    My take on your question is many buy small items as add ons to other sales some just go for the smalls but thats ok to.
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Mark C. in New Work For Wholesale   
    I agree with Chris above do the testing and do not rush into a new item until you are sure of it working.
    The next years show will be here sooner than you think.
    I made my comment after looking at your line for sale and seeing whats not there in it more than any other thing. On the plus side small things sell better anyway.
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Chris Campbell in New Work For Wholesale   
    There is nothing wrong with waiting until YOU are ready to present this design.
    For some reason you are calling your analysis ''excuses' rather than 'good reasons'.
    You are the artist and you will still be around for next years show and the one after that. You can also send emails to your clients announcing a NEW design at any time of year and they will be happy to hear it.
    Just my opinion mind you ... Try not to be rushed into selling something you might dislike making all year long. It could end up being a best seller! : - )
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to Mark C. in New Work For Wholesale   
    All you work is on the small to meduim size. I would think covering the larger size would do you the most good. You already have small down.
    my 2 cents
    All the work looks pressed or hand built no throwing right ,so I assume this will be true with the larger forms . Is this why you are hesitant to do the larger stuff?
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    Clay Tile Mom reacted to GEP in Display   
    I bought this folding chair from Ikea a few years ago. I love it because it folds so much flatter that the wood director's chair I used before. Now when I go to shows, it seems like half of my neighbors are using this exact chair, in various colors.
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