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  1. Got it up on clay art. I have read that archive for years but never posted there. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks, I am in Washington State about an hour southwest of Seattle. Never used clay art will give it a try.
  3. So I had plans to build a larger wood kiln and got around 2000 very large fire brick (14" long). I think it is going to be too costly to operate with any profit. So I want to get rid of the brick and put the money into a smaller more manageable/cost effective kiln. Which would make my wife much happier with me, especially having 12 pallets of brick out of the driveway. What do you guys think is a good place to advertise the brick, short of paying the large cost for an ad (wife would kill me)and waiting 2 months for publishing? CL has not been very successful but I may try again. I want to reach actual potters who might want to buy them and not just the everage public who doesnt care. What would you guys do?
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