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  1. Chris, thanks for the suggestion. I just got off the phone with Tucker technician. He tells me their sandstone cone 10 with or w/o paper do wonderfully with wood fire. (including his personal experience) P'clay can actually handle hotter temp. the teaching point:....if you don't like the answer, go back and make sure you speak to the tech rather than the well-meaning, but less informed front office staff. hooray!! Carol
  2. Hello, Has anyone had experience using Tucker cone 10 stoneware paper clay in a wood firing? We usually do the wood firing to about cone 12. I spoke to Tucker rep who said. ~ they have no experience with it going higher than cone 10. Well, someone must have some idea. I know that many clays will fire higher than rated. I also know testing is the only way to know whether it can handle going up to ~cone 12, but I do not readily have the ability to do this. My guess is that it will be OK. but as its a group firing, I need something better to go on than just my guess. I did search through the threads and was unable to find one that addressed this question, but I may have missed it. Many thanks for any thoughts, Carol Clay Art Center Port Chester, NY
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