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  1. I am currently experimenting with cone 6 porcelain. I have seen some beautiful pieces that claim to have used "soluble dyes". None of my suppliers know what that is. Is there another name for soluble dyes? How are they applied? Are they food safe? How can I get more information about them? Anyone know of a supplier?
  2. I am experimenting with cone 6 electric kiln. Some time ago I had a book that described wrapping the piece and the organics in a cocoon of clay as a way to do reduction in an electric kiln. I think it was a library book because I can't find the info in any of my current holdings. Does anyone know of the book or know the details of the technique?
  3. Experience is important. Experience with discussion and reflection is even more useful. We learn a lot more from failures than successes. So I say protect the kiln, and other students pieces, and give them as much experience as you can. "Shelf of shame" is an interesting concept. But I prefer more the cause and effect connection. There are pieces that derive their beauty from over glazing. The artists may have to work the piece a bit and have a bit of cleaning to do, but the results can be stunning.
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