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  1. Mea: I take exception to your suggestion that the questions were not responded to with respect. I have no idea what you consider disrespect but I see no disrespect, I only see disagreement. If anyone was disrespectful it was the original poster who obviously misunderstood the nature of the orginal response, but I don't take offense to that. I do take offense at your suggestion that I was disrespectful. I tried to respond completely having no knowledge of the persons's background. If someone asks how to make a bowl it indicates a certain lack of basic knowledge since almost everyone I know usually starts with a bowl as their first shape. You may be a mderator but that does not make you infallible. You don't have to ban me I'll just go ahead and ban myself! Regards, Charles I did not ban you?...did I ? I apologized and said I was having a bad day. I tried to end the thread?..I thought that would delete the whole mess I created....what have I done? Sorry for all the caffufual I have created...I think that a forum is not the place for me...I may be a potter but Im not internet savvy. Again my apologies...
  2. no fuel and my apologies Charles for jumping on you. Had a very bad day and if I knew how to delete the entire thread and start fresh I would.... :^)
  3. Greetings and welcome aboard: I don't mean to be flip but generally experience dictates the best methods of production. I understand the basic shape of a boat or a dory or even a canoe, they are all radically different, but are you planning on making them look like they are clinker built or clay bottomed, there would be a huge difference. Clinker built you might get away with slab building and then planking the boat as one would do a real boat but you would need to spile the planks just as one would in a real boat. A clay bottom would certainly not be something that would suggest slab construction since it is difficult to make a developable shape from a flat slab. There are a lot of considerations, such as use, you wouldn't want functional pottery to be low-fired for sanitary and health considerations. Who is your customer, are you planning to export these to the US? Do you understand the various entities you would have to satisfy There is much to consider before one goes into production. I'm afraid a forum is better suited to answering fairly simple questions but does not have the ability to answer a question in depth. A perusal of the other posts on the forum would give you an idea of the type of questions that lend themselves to simple answers. We can point you in the right direction but only education and experience will give you the tools to produce a marketable product. Good luck with your project. Best regards, Charles Gosh Charles, Thanks for all the suggestions...(I think?)...but all I asked for was if anyone knew of any ways to make boat bowls. Such questions as contents and import export rules are something that would be looked into on my own...by the way...just because "Newbie" is by soeones name do not assume they are new to pottery...I am but new to the site and have been working on Ceramics and Pottery since the 70's. And yes...I consoder that flip. The first person was helpful
  4. I have seen bowls of many sizes that are shaped like boats, doreys and canoes. They are made of low fire clay and then glazed. I would like to go into production of them but an unsure what method to follow. Should I make them all by slab? Has anyone seen any videos showing how to do this...or should I make one by slab method and then make a plasetr casting mold? I have searched the internet and cannot find any info on making them so any help with this project would be appreciated. Thanks
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