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  1. Hi Perkolator - nice to hear about some weather tested products ~ I am considering the acrylics & plan to get some to test. Thank you to everyone who contributed ~ some great feedback. I am away for a few weeks and will start some tests in April. Will post again to let you know where this journey takes me!
  2. Preeta ~ This is my first large sculpture piece ~ an ogopogo - & it is a new clay to me. It has been a great learning experience & I would change some of my construction techniques for future projects. I am concerned some of my joints won't withstand another firing .... have been either raku firing or cone 6 oxidation. All my tested glazes are in this range at the moment. The piece with the small crack is the neck & head piece of the sculpture ~ lots of detailed work & I don't know if I want to make another! Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Yes ~ good point thank you. It is supposed to be stored inside for the freezing temps.
  4. Hi Marcia ~ do you mean exterior oil paint? Have you tried any surface treatments like this on your work? If so, what products and treatments did you have the most success with? I live in the Okanagan in BC ~ we get variable temperatures similar to your weather. Thanks.
  5. Inquired today at an automotive store ~ they thought this might work well. Have some test tiles so will probably try this out .... another adventure into the unknown! Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Thought maybe exterior masonary or concrete paint - sealed first? Spraying is definitely a great idea.
  7. I have a large bisque fired 4 piece sculpture and would appreciate some suggestions for a non-fire finish to put on it. It is made with a groggy sculptural clay with lots of textures added so the surface is not smooth. It will be outside in the sun but stored inside during freezing temperatures. Would like it to be a deep blue colour. It has a crack inside the head portion and so I do not want to risk firing it again. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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