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  1. hi and a hung hung thank you for all your help, i knew if i kept asking i would get the answer that made since, the electrician came out today and fixed it up for me, i will be trying a firing on the weekend hopefully
  2. thank you all so much for the help, i have the election coming out tomorrow to have a look at it! yes babs when i get to the temp i want i do turn it off myself but that only happens if i start at 9am and i only want to go to 1100c and thats doing a fast glaze firing
  3. ok thank you all for the help turning it on! 1, i close the door and make sure that its close and locked! 2, i take the key and put it in to the isolation switch and turn it on! when the light comes on i then turn the energy dial to about 20 and then i increase it every hour until i get to the temp im after! next question, off peak and on peak is a period of time in where the power is in more supple, ie. off peak is cheaper than on peak the off peak time is between 9 and 5 i think next one, when the kiln turns off, it's just the kiln the circuit breaker doesn't trip i have tried both turning the mains off and just the breaker but it doesn't make a different i have added the photo of how i turn it on and control how much energy
  4. Ok i have the kiln hard wired to the main power of the house and wired to I think the off peck power supply
  5. Ok, I live in NSW Australia, 1, i do have the manual for the kiln and for what i can read of it, it doesn't have a timer build in to it 2, i have tried getting a hold of the owner that I bought it from but he isn't replying back at all 3, no I don't start firing at the same time all the time 4, at the moment i am only trying do go to cone (06) for my glaze firing 5, When it turns off the temp is never the same, depending on what time I start my firing will depend on what the temp is i can say that it has turned off at temperatures like 350c 900c 1040c 1088c never the same temp though but that does depend on what time I start though. 6, no the lights or power in the rest of the house do not change flicker 7, i am sorry to say I don't know how a lot about the power stuff or stuff like that, I would have to ask my friend or partner to help me find that out 8, when I know how to put pics in on this i will
  6. That is right no matter what time I start first it turns off at 5:15pm and yes i do set there from 5pm and watch the kiln so i can make a note of the time and temperature, I don't know about day light savings time as I only just got the kiln installed about two months ago, i don't really understand it either too. I thought it might have something to do with the weather.
  7. No fuses blow at all has i can still use the same one for the next firing That hard to say, I'm sorry this is my first kiln and all I know is that when i am firing no matter for how long the kiln makes a noise just like it does when i turn it on and a light comes on! When it turns its self off it makes the same noise and the light goes out and the temp start to drop Please feel free to ask me any more questions and i will try and answer them the best i can
  8. Thank you how ever my kiln is a front loading one and the is no seter or timer on the kiln all it has is an isolation switch and an Energy dial, no control panel at all But thank you you the advice though
  9. hi all i am kinda new to ceramics/ using a kiln! i have been having some problems with the my second hand hobby kiln which is about 30yr old, the type is kilns and furnaces from london serial no. 13803 type AB16HT. ok, the problem is that my kiln keeps turning off at the same time 5:15pm est. every time i do a firing weather its a bisque or glaze firing and or what ever the temp is. my question is can the outside temp affect the firing? i do know that its not the coils, the wiring or the bricks in the kiln! i had to fix some cracks that where in some of the brick and that helped the kiln get up to 1080 celsius but it still turned off at 5:15pm est. i keep my kiln in a shed in the backyard next to the house, i have the door closed during the firing and i have even done a firing with the door open but no matter what the kiln turns off at the same time every time. i am keeping a logbook of all my firing too
  10. hi, i will be use a k5, iron stone and white sculpture clay, i want to make three heads bust using baby faces out of the three clays and the kind of look that i want is to use the metal filling on and around the eyes, i would like to put the metal on whliest the clay is wet. I do not want any glaze on the peice and all and i really do not want to take it pass 1200 and at the moment i can get my hand on metal shaving from what ever they make the key out of hope this is enough info, i guess really the best way is to test
  11. Hi, i would like to know is it safe to use a soft metal, like metal shavings from keycutings on clay in the kiln and if so what do I need to do so it won't stick to the shelf and or what is a good matel i can use that will melt nicely over my work??
  12. where can i get a full list of ceramic raw materials from

  13. hi every one! i have a question to ask i would like to use the oxide as a wash on one of my bisque pots! i am after a green and a brown wash with black spots if it helps i am only firing to 1100c and i am using paper clay i was just wondering what is the best way to use oxides? do i have to add a frit? i know the best way is to test! but i am a student at T.A.F.E and we dont get that many firing as we did last year so any help would be great
  14. hi Chris what happens if i do not use a flux or a frit to the oxide to my work and would it make a different if i was applying it to a bisque or green ware work????
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