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  1. John, I explored the sheffield site. Thank you for the link. The kilns look rugged and well built. The 7 inch refractory bricks amazing! I will contact this company and ask about the ultimate height of the kiln. My janitor would like one on wheels so I will inquire about that as well. There is talk about a building referendum and I would like to take the new kiln along if we are moved. mr.nelson marshfield, wisconsin
  2. Stephen and John, Thank you for your prompt reply. The ease of loading and the economy of space will be cherished. I do not have my students make standardized pottery/ceramics. So the front loader will help preserve the kiln walls and allow for fine tuning the loading step. I cringe each time the heavy selves dent the toploader. I am in my middle career teaching and am trying to purchase tools that will help my body last until retirement. I am lucky to have support here for the students and our shared artworks. Thank you both for your thoughts and advice. It seems like they are excelle
  3. Hello All, I am seeking advice on front loading kilns. I would like to purchase one for my middle school art program. Have you used one? What is the durability like? Which designs features are better than others? I have single phase and a budget that allows for increasing the electrical amperage as well as a kiln. I fire around 50 times a year. This is a once in a career purchase and I want to get a legacy kiln for the next instructor's time here as well. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. Sincerely, mr.nelson marshfield, wisconsin
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