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    Creating and appreciating beauty, clay art, fiber art, jewelry making, writing, my family, secular humanism, mysticism, stories

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Hi! I fell in love with ceramics at the end of college in a 101 class. By then it was too late to change my major :) I was unable to take more classes and then I was distracted by babies for several years. I later took another ceramics class from a local studio that doesn't exist any more. I didn't improve much because I was still being distracted by children. Now they are older and I have some time and splurged on some entry level tools. I am accepting that there is nothing in the world I love doing more than creating with clay. I currently substitute teach and if I could eventually make at least that much doing this craft that I love, I would be quite content with a ceramics "career." smile.gif It is my meditation. I am just learning and am currently really slow and not terribly knowledgeable. I'll get there though. YouTube, books and forums are currently my teachers. I like using clay as a canvas. I am a bit obsessed with trees and ravens. Creating glazes currently scares me and I wish I could take a class on it. I dream of a studio/greenhouse space of my very own. Please fell free to give me any and all advice - I am a student!

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