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  1. From the album: flasks

    The latest Luminary lamp that I used different colors to see the effect had cracked in the drying stage and when the inside light was turned on, gave this wonderful orange glow from the skyscraper to the alien ship. I couldn't produce that again if I tried.
  2. Thank you, I tried to give the city a dark sooty foreboding place
  3. From the album: flasks

    I only intended to make one but my relatives went bat s#@t so they are now Christmas gifts
  4. Thank you, you are very kind
  5. From the album: flasks

    I wanted to try something different, I played with the under glazes
  6. From the album: flasks

    This is a flask I made with the images of Spock, Kirk and Bones. the reverse has a quote from one of my all time favorite episodes and I quote: Jim... Edith Keeler must die end quote. True Star Trek fans will know the episode.
  7. From the album: flasks

    This is a handmade ceramic flask with a skeleton at a desk thinking about his ex-wife when they were in Paris and also thinking about their adopted alien child playing on the beach. On the back has him studying hieroglyphics
  8. So_Cal potter


    From the album: flasks

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