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  1. Lids. Just something about getting out the calipers and making something to fit something else and look like it belongs together. It's not impossible, just that extra step to go through.
  2. Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to report that my bank account was credited with the $25 fee refund yesterday. Thank you for taking care of this wonderful membership benefit for us! Laurie in California
  3. Hi Carolyn and Everyone, I called Jennifer Estrada who had me call Cord Wilson, who actually administers our account. He explained to me that due to record-keeping issues on their part (apparently different salespeople over the past few years have recorded whether we were Potters Council or not differently at different times) that they had not been able to correct all of the Potters Council member accounts and that these were still showing up on some members' statements as being charged the minimum account fee. I guess most people were sent the correct monthly fees for February but a few, like me, slipped through the cracks and were charged $28.50 for February. Mr. Wilson assured me that my account has now been corrected and i will be refunded the $25.00 fee. If this happens to anyone else, they need to phone Cord Wilson directly at Chase Paymentech. His phone number is 214-849-3510. They are on Central Time, so you need to try to catch him during regular business hours. Thanks, Laurie in California
  4. I just received my February statement from Chase Paymentech today and the $25 fee is on it. I called them and was told that it is indeed a new fee and will be assessed every month. I then called and left a message with Jennifer Estrada to confirm whether this is true for us. If it is, of course I will drop them immediately. I will post when I hear back from her. What has everyone else done? People keep asking me about this great PC benefit and I need to tell them if it is $3.50 per month or the new $28.50 per month. If the latter it's not such a deal anymore. Laurie in California
  5. Hooray for Carolyn!!!!!!! I am so happy to read this! I have had a merchant account with CP through Potters Council for a couple of years now and have noticed an increase in credit card sales over the past two years. My last big show before the holidays I had 60% of my sales by people using plastic. No checks, and only 30% cash. That astounded me. So yesterday when I got the CP letter I was quite sad about having to give up the ability to accept credit cards from customers. I do about 5 craft shows per year on average and many months go by with no credit card sales whatsoever. Even the shows with credit card sales my processing fees never get anywhere near $25 per month. So I have definitely been one of the craftspeople that the program was aimed at. And I have very much appreciated it!! Thank you again for preserving this member benefit for us!!! Sincerely, Laurie in California
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