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    pautts reacted to Rockhopper in Glaze From Local Creek Clay - What To Add ?   
    No doubts about that Mark...
    I spent over a year, trying various combinations of EPK, OM4, Feldspar, and Flint, added to my base clay, trying to get a 'wheel-friendly' body. (Didn't have my own kiln, so would mix several small batches, make some test pieces, then wait a week or two for the studio owner to fit them into a firing.)  I learned a lot about clay in the process - but when I reached the point where "my" clay was no longer the primary ingredient, I felt like I was just adding some of my clay to 'other stuff', and gave up.  (In my mind, it was OK to add stuff to my clay to make it work ... but when it was the other way around, the end result was no longer the clay from 'my creek'.)
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