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  1. If I had to guess, I would say it is actually underfired. It looks like gases were trying to escape, but the glaze was too viscous to allow it to leave. Are you firing with cones? some more info about your clay body, glaze, and firing schedule might help to point to a more definite cause.
  2. I'm curious why you lowered potassium and raised sodium? They should do pretty damn close to the same thing, I would think
  3. This is my app! Thank you for posting it. I will be hanging around the forum so if you or anybody else has any problems with or suggestions for the app, just message me or drop a message in this thread and I'll get on it right away.
  4. I REALLY wish I could, but beyond not being sure how to port it over to iOS, Apple just charges way too much for me to be able to realistically do that right now. It kills me, but maybe some day.
  5. I don't know anything about that clay, but I do know it's really expensive. It looks like it's twice as much as good porcelain, and 4x as much as typical stoneware. If you watch craigslist you can find really good deals on kilns (I got a good size cress for $125 and regularly see them around $200) and it doesn't take long for the cost saved from not having to buy the expensive clay pays for the kiln. Or you can build your own little propane raku kiln for about the same cost. That would me my only real tip, until you have specific problems you are encountering. I don't think pottery is too complicated, it's just kinda hard and takes practice.
  6. So I made this app over the summer and I like the way it turned out, and want to share it with as many people as I can. It's free, with no ads, and the only permissions are for the camera to take glaze photos. Here is the link to the google play store, and here is the full description so you don't need to click the link unless you want to download: Store ceramic glaze recipes, make glaze batches by volume/weight, calculate glaze tests, keep notes about your ceramic pieces & more: - Add all your ingredients and their price to an ingredient list. The price information will be used to calculate the cost of each of your glazes, both in general, and for each specific batch you make. - From your ingredients list, you can build your ceramic glaze recipes. - Add a photo for each recipe, and share your recipes with a single click. - Tell the app a few weight/volume measurements about your glaze, and it will calculate the specific gravity. - With specific gravity calculated, you will be able to accurately make batches of your glazes by volume (mL, oz, or gallons), by dry weight (grams), or by limiting ingredient (just give the weight of any and all ingredients you think might be limiting ingredients, and it'll calculate how much glaze you can make). Without specific gravity calculated, the app will tell you how to make your glaze based off a rough generalization of a typical glaze density. - Once you make a batch, save a record of its size and cost for future reference. - You can also calculate both line and triaxial blend tests with as many tiles as you want really easily. - Add labels to each tile so that you can later use the tile search function to find all the details of that specific tile just by typing in its label. You can also add photos to each ceramic glaze tile. - If you like the way a glaze tile looks, you can generate the exact recipe for that tile with a single click, and add it to your glaze list. This means if you wanted to, you could blend any of your current recipes together in a glaze test, and when you find something you like, it's really easy to just combine everything into one simple recipe. - Write notes about individual ceramic or pottery pieces you make (or anything else you might need to keep notes of) in the notepad, and attach a photo to each note if you want. - Sync all of your data easily so that you can access the information on your computer or save it as a backup. Your recipes and glaze tests aren't stuck on the app forever, basically.
  7. Whether it is the reduction of iron or not, it looks like there is some gas being released to cause the effect. It seems close enough to me.
  8. There was a recent post on digitalfire about this exact scenario, actually. Unfortunately, if you want to do it proper, you probably have to pay for their software, but maybe the article will give you some insights (no pun intended) about what needs to be done. https://digitalfire.com/4sight/education/creating_your_own_budget_glaze_195.html
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