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  1. I drill ceramics weekly for my jewelry pieces. I use diamond drill bits and water. Yes, you must go very, very, slow.
  2. Since my studio is in my apt and my kiln 5 miles away at my sons, I have become expert at carrying pots. I used to have breakage all the time. Now I use a Ikea bag and newspaper shreds... long ones not the tiny shreds, at bottom of the bag. I use the big plastic bubbles to secure the sides of the Ikea bag and between the pots. Then I bubble wrap each pot. This helps me to carry them down a flight of stairs. Sometimes I carry two bags, one for small pots the other for larger ones. In case I have a tray or very large bowl I carry them by hand and hope I do not trip. I place them in the back seat with plastic on the seats, and large bubble wrap in front.
  3. i am using refractory slip for some BBQ's I am making. You could use that it should hold up.
  4. I use Raku clay all the time and I do not raku. You can fire it to cone 04 which I do and a glaze firing to cone 5 -6.... It holds up perfectly. You can also use 06 glazes and fire it at a lower temp.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been busy lately making molds and more tools for clay work. Today I will actually make something. I make the tools from clay, and glazed them. Recently, made two extruders one is not glazed yet. Here are the pics of my tools.
  6. "by the way, the scott creek extruder is better in all respects than a square one (in my opinion, of course) because it is round. that makes it clean better, makes it easier to pull the handle down and it holds a decent amount of clay. someone will have to prove to me that a square one takes less effort. think about sliding clay along 2 vertical sides of four sharp corners. then think about the round one". I have been experimenting with making an extruded from clay. I have done two and they both work. I made the plunger out of quick setting cement. You can use wood too... The other one is round and in the kiln. This one is hand built quickly nothing fancy for my handles. I think I will make two more. I made a die that inserts. It will be for coils or handles. I just put a little piece of wood to get the shape I want. See the bottom of the image. I will make one more die that will allow me to make a tube. Inside the extruded I have two little indents where a solid die goes. Then I will make a another die to fit in the extruded slot for the rest of the hollow extrusion. When it is complete I will post it . I am in the process of installing a new kiln.
  7. Thank You I am doing a series of drawing just using slip, underglaze and clear glaze right now. I ordered and have received a case of the small ones, 6x6. They are just what they look like, nice and flat. I'm looking forward to making some creative wall hangings with them and maybe teaching a class. They are low fire. I'm a huge fan of Mayco products as all of it is very reliable and well tested. Let me know if you have any questions... I plan on doing some Majolica stamping with the Mayco stamps and Stroke & Coat on them and then use their new product, SG-501 Sculpting Medium with a stencil on top to create a modern kind of look. http://www.maycocolo...=1120&Itemid=71 http://www.maycocolo...uemart&Itemid=4
  8. I finally found it on the Dick Blick site. Wow, it took me two hours. Here is the link. Has anyone used them? http://www.dickblick.com/products/mayco-clay-canvas/
  9. That is the substrate, translucent porcelain. What I saw was a 8 x 10 ceramic canvas.... These are sheets, can't hang them without framing. The ones I saw looked like stretched canvas. Thank you anyway.
  10. Hi Everyone, I was browsing and I came across a ceramic slab/canvas to paint on. It had a hanger in the back and it was shaped like stretched canvas, but made out of ceramic. It was not a porcelain substrate. Does anyone know who sold these? I thought I was on Amaco site but I can't find them. Please help!
  11. Hi Everyone, I have my studio in my bedroom(no I do not sleep there) with carpets covered over with tarp. I put a dampened towel at the door of my studio I never wedge but beat my clay with a mallet and paddle. It works for me. Sometime I do not clean the bottoms of my bowls. They sort of scoop out. These are my bowls I do not give away or sell. Also, I must wet again bowls that are too dry and trim on wheel. Or I trim them dry, wearing a mask. Here is the best one I did recently. My small Duncan kiln kept breaking the cones inside. So I shove one under the kiln sitter controls on the outside and just timed my firing. Now, can I genuflect and take my absolution?
  12. I am also experimenting with raku clay and refractory clay. This I am told should also work.
  13. I am working on BBQ. I have met with engineers from refractory companies. First get yourself powered refractory brick clay make a slip and pour it into a mold. Then you will need to have a digital controller on your kiln fire it raising it to 50 degrees each hour for about 9 to ten hours. (this depends on your kiln) Then glaze it and refire at cone 6 for your glaze. Without a digital controller you can not get it to proper refractory temp
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