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  1. Hello I make small-medium size clay and wax statues. Im living in the Netherlands, could not find a 3d scanner shop who could scan my statues. 3d printers is a bit easier. I intend of making small versions of some of my statues, printed in plastic. Any tip for an address in Holland or close countries, much appreciated! thanks Mon
  2. I used Creaton 246, fire range 1000-1280 degrees. I bought it in the same shop that fired the statues. I was talking about armatures because I made them to hold on a vertical body while working on it. When it was leather dry I cut the statue, removed the wire and reassembled the statue back. I used the term terracotta because that's what it means in Italian, fired earth/clay. I suppose that's also called bisque, the first time something comes out of the kiln.
  3. thank you all for the answers! I dont know what glaze I will use yet. My statues are either full body statues (nudes) or heads. Im not going to start with one color for the lips and another for the hair or eyes, if you know what I mean. I just want to cover the bisque version with a +/- uniform color and a medium glaze (not too shiny), just to see a different look. A bit of a pale color cheers them up, the bisque statues that I got fired till now look a bit too chalky. I love the look of pottery, I just dont make pots (for a number of reasons). Besides, I love modeling clay and creating body volumes. Any comment on this?
  4. Hello Im a painter with a love for ceramic (and porcelain). I made several medium (20-40 cm tall) statues in clay (heads or human body) I fired them at a shop here in the Hague, Netherlands, where I live. There's something I just dont get (from books or videos I watched), regarding the glazing phase. Here's what Id like to know from someone who actually did this: 1) I can glaze the fired statue with a brush dipped in a glaze sollution, right? (Ive only seen videos of people diving the pottery in a glaze bath.) 2) once that glaze layer is dry, can I wrap the statue in paper/etc to transport it to the kiln? This kils is some 4 km away from where I live and I can only go there by bike... 3) I saw several videos or read some books that mention different temperatures of firing the glazed terracotta. Im not sure this shop will do different temps for me. They're a general art supply shop (for sculptors) which also have a kiln. Any advice is greatly appreciated.(please keep it simple, Im not an expert) I am still in the phase where I struggle with armatures for my statues, discovering which size is appropriate for what kind of detail. I have Phillipe Faraut books and 2 dvds but couldnt find this info there. Thanks a lot! Mon
  5. hello hippies, Im a painter but recently (1 month ago) I took to clay modeling and love it! Im a figurative artists so my small statues were heads or whole body subjects. Till now I used self drying clay (Das and Darwi, that's what I found here in Holland). I bought M Farraut's video and understand how to void a head. All my full body statues were built on an armature. Long story short... How does one make a clay statue (20 inches max) which will be fired? I cant see how to extract the armature and was thinking to mold the clay around a wax " armature", that would eventually melt. Im sure there are other methods and I hope anyone here will take the time to send me a link to the answer or describe in a few words. Sincere thanks! Mon
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