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  1. Here is a picture of a jar using Ferric Chloride and Horsehair. You do have a very small window to put the horsehair on post firing. This horsehair was put on before the pot was wrapped. If you spray feric chloride post firing, use an approved mask. this stuff is nasty! If you put any carbon based item in the wrap and then fire be careful not to put too much.
  2. Thank you. I will give it a try. I had to pick someting and got the glass bead. Next trip will be Walnut. Any suggestions if I have a choice on size? After I try it I'll post the results.
  3. The glaze I'm working on is a crackle. I want to make a contrast between gloss and mat.
  4. I just tried glass bead media for attempting to get a "mat" finish on a piece. It etched in further than I would like. Has anyone used walnut shell media?
  5. I had the same kind of results on my Cress manual. I used a pyrometer the first couple loads of bisque and glaze. The long ramp up seems to lead to a fairly quick cone bend at full temp. Results were good. Stopped using the meter. I go with 4 hours on low, 4 hours on medium then max till the kiln sitter does its thing. For bisque I do let it candle an extra hour or two. The cooling time until its safe to open is the hard part. Anxious to see the results!
  6. I use a weed burner however, it's good for close to 300 K btu. I use a pyrometer for a sanity check. Pulling the burner back from the opening does help the dramatic but wasteful orange flame coming out the top. Keep tweaking and you'll be amazed at your results. If you want some fun, try some sagar wrapped ferric chloride pieces. It is quite toxic when fired but the results are awesome. Fire to around 1160 F. You'll see the aluminum foil start to melt. Pull it let it cool and enjoy. Spray with semi-gloss clear for the best pop in color.
  7. I agree with Marcia, make one that lifts off in one piece. Less work and you don't have to reach inside 1850 degree container. I don't know what you chose for a burner, I bought a weed burner from Harbor Freight and can get my kiln above 1950 with it. Good luck!
  8. I just did my first two shows this last weekend. A first Friday and a farmers market/craft fair. Went well, did better at the first Friday. I took my wheel and invited people to try thir hand. Most of the people that tried the wheel bought something 5-6 more sales!
  9. I just hand them my iPad and they do the rest. No objections or hesitation. Some cards are already coded with the text number when it's swiped!
  10. I started using Square at my first show. Works excellent. The photo feature is worth the effort. I use it with iPad. Spend some time before the show and make a library, makes the sale go quicker. Also, you can track cash sales for daily running totals.
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