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  1. I used the ramp/hold which I custom programmed to cone 6. Lid closed, peeps closed, etc. The elements were the ones for that specific kiln. I think the top setting was for 2150 degrees. Could there be something wrong with the mechanism such as the relays?
  2. You need to give a few more parameters here to know what your firing procedure is. First off, are you using a kiln setter? What is your firing schedule? Did you have your peepholes in? Why not let the kiln setter run with the standard amount of time and check it? Did all of the elements fire? You may have had one of them not connected. Check individual elements by turning on to high-place a small piece of paper to each one to check for heat(one at a time). Let us know this info, it may help with a solution. I used the computerized programmer and programed it for ramp/hold to cone 6. I used my custom program as I usally did. I peeked through each peep hole to see if all the elements were red, and they were.
  3. I just replaced all the elements in my 1027 Skutt kiln. Loaded it and fired it. It glowed red hot, and all the elements were red, but it would not go over 1843. It held there for at least two hours, so I thought something was wrong and shut it off. My students will be frantic! What could be the problem with the kiln. We are firing to Cone 6 on the ramp/hold mode, and have been very successful up until now. Can anyone offer help?
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