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  1. good luck with tests. I developed sort of double vision in 1997 and it turned out to be thyroid eye disease. Not serious, no meds in my case and vision is only double when it peer upward. Hope yours is as simple.
  2. I can relate to the cold Canadian winter, living in Sask as I do! My kiln is in a unheated quanset and my answer to cold firing is to make a lot of pots in the winter in my basement studio and fire like crazy come spring! It was interesting to read all the other replies regarding controller temps and I learned something in the process. Thanks everyone! Good luck Newbie!
  3. Thanks Marcia. Yeah, we moved back in July and this is an older home than where I lived before. Unfortunately, I don't think rewiring is an option. Doing a test fire with some overglaze right now and all the lights are fading in and out, so going to try an outlet in the kitchen later. Thanks again. The size of the wire is important. I am having trouble with my electric kiln using a 220 outlet. I can fire to cone 06, no problem, but rarely can make it up to a cone 6 which is needed for my glazes. My kiln is in an old shop with old wiring and even though the plug is on it's own breaker, the old wire from the transformer pole to the building seems to be too light to allow it to get to cone 6. The longer the span of wire is from power source (transformer) to panel box, the more power loss occurs. I work for an electric utility company so have picked my co-workers brain endlessly about this. They all tell me to upgrade the wiring.
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