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Slip Cast Low Fire Ceramics


That pretty much says it all. Started out doing a huge pig bank for my daughter in 1982. The shop owner didn't tell me I wasn't supposed to put reds on greenware. Man, I thought I'd never get all that underglaze off that pig. But I did and have loved reds ever since.


Owned a retail ceramic shop in Plano, TX for three years and then contemporary paint on bisque changed the industry. Now I'm learning about hand building. I love fired arts. Staining and transluscents are pretty cool for a quick fix, but opening that kiln is like Christmas morning as a kid. You think you know what you are going to get, and sometimes it's a REAL SURPRISE.


Recently started building some personal webpages and blogs. Now that my three children are grown and working on their families (currently 3 grandchildren due to arrive next month or so), my time is free to focus on some challenges. Have so many things in my minds eye, and even with all my experience, still can't figure out where to start.


Look forward to sharing and (still) learning here. Who knows, maybe have some fun too.


Texas Mud Slingers

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