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  1. Makes sense. Most of the work is just slip attached though. Some have suggested I make the application and bisque fire it then glaze in place. I don't see this as an answer. Too much detail to manipulate without a fixed surface for one thing and having to make sure everything stays in place in the glaze fire is another. I will check with High water. I also have some grog I can add to a clay that i use regularly Standard 259...Comments from Marica will be appreciated. If you are in Raleigh as noted and can do so, share the word about the Naked/Ferric class with Wally and Sue I mentioned in March with some of your Potters..please.
  2. I'm in North Carolina about 75 miles from Functional Pottery USA...Seagrove/Jugtown. I also teach an adult enrichment pottery class at the local community college one night a week. I am a 68 year old Pharmacist who has been potting for 40years now and am still making and teaching the basic utilitarian forms in class. But I also share the new thing everyone wants, ART. I am so disgusted with Ceramics Monthly and their current push for all the ART they present vs. the traditional POTTERY that brought us all to where we are now that I would like to stop the subscription. I hesitate though for fear I will loose connection with the pottery world and suppliers if I do. I agree the market is down to the lowest it has been since I have been making pots. I continue to make and teach the functional, but find I do sell more of the One of a Kind piece for that special gift someone is searching to find. No matter, though we still have to continue to teach this generation functionality in clay for them to master the art they seek. The basic skills are required to reach their desired end. I do find great satisfaction in attempting new options in pottery too. I have been searching Naked Raku for the last three years. I have attended some workshops and even with the skills I have as a potter, have found it impossible to master this daemon. I have planned a workshop here in the Lumberton area for March 23-25 with Walley Asselberghs and Sue Morse to absorb more knowledge. Even the pieces I will use in this class will come from the basics I have learned over the years. I have added that artistic touch to some of them, but the basics are still required. Some of my students have become proficient enough that they are selling at shows in the local area. They do extremely well with their functional pieces. Is this because they are students and their work is of that quality? I am not sure. Some of them, I will put up against potters from Seagrove any day. To end this, I guess the summation is location, location, location. We are in the area that still requires potters to be potters and not artists. Function is what it is about. Mama wants this cake plate to take her home made pound cake to church on Sunday, so she buys the functional plate and it serves the purpose. (PS...if you want to join us for the Wally workshop, contact me....)
  3. I can't believe the responses I have had in less than 24 hours to this. I shall have to find some more problems to bring to the forum for resolution. I will get to work with these ideas and proceed t to the next attempt toward success. Many thanks to you... This was a pugged clay that I have used before with success. It is a blend of Highwater Moon white and a grogged red clay. Cone 6-10 clays
  4. I am attempting to add some photos of the cracked broken finished pieces... comments
  5. I can't believe the responses I have had in less than 24 hours to this. I shall have to find some more problems to bring to the forum for resolution. I will get to work with these ideas and proceed t to the next attempt toward success. Many thanks to you...
  6. no i do not have access to this book. your comments are helpful though
  7. You could also lay a level layer of grog on the kiln shelf and put the slab on top.-This often works well, but I do something else that others may not have thought of. Old soft firebick can be broken up and powdered fine. This sprinkled on the shelf is courser than grog and gives great movement. Fantastic comments thanks I ll post pictures tomorrow..before and after.
  8. I am attempting for the third time to make two panels appx 16 x 20 inches. These will have multiple applied pieces and shapes to them.( an oval raised ridge encircling a selection of two fish hanging from a point with ribbons and vines encircling this. the second is similar with a pheasant hanging from the ribbons.) They are a reproduction of something someone has asked me to make. I have made one set with a thickness of 3/8 inch and one of 3/4 inch hand rolled clay. When fired, the 3/8 cracked in multiple places in the bisque. The 3/4 fired fine in the bisque and cracked in every direction on the glaze. Everything was dried slowly and evenly over several weeks. I am a 40 year experienced potter and never really attempted anything the large in slab and as intricate with details. Someone suggested it might be that the flat plane was pulling against all the different additions in different directions causing the cracking. I don't agree. I am using a stoneware clay. Firing bisque to 05 and then glaze to 5 in electric kiln. I would like some suggestions on how to improve my results, since I am currently at 0% satisfaction and completion.
  9. When I fell in love with Nkaed Raku.. I firsts saw a piece at the Cape Fear Studio's annual fall competition. A Ms. Brooks from Durham won first place with a small piece that was amazing. I read and tried to learn on my own about this process with little success. Then I met and experienced Charlie and Linda Riggs at a workshop I helped sponsor in Parkton, N.C. I am now in the refining stages of a work shop with Wally Asselbeghrs of Belgium for March 23, 24 and 2th in Parkton again. Naked Raku has changed the way I look at what I make, not just for this process, but for every piece of pottery I make. I defines what I will make and the finish I put on the piece. I pushes me to make the piece more uniform in thickness. It forces me to finish the surface to a very fine sheen. I makes me think of the form and how it will be affected by the fire and the smoke. I makes me think, how will the viewer see this piece. I still love my other work, but I am struck and stuck with new outlet for my artistic abilities.
  10. In the area of Jugtown, north Souhern Pines, southwest of Raleigh, just an hour, you will find all the pottery you can possibly imagine. This is an area full of pottery history with well over 100 "potteries located there. I am not saying they are all worth the visit, but you can surely find enough to occupy your time. There is even a N.C. Pottery Center there at Seagrove. Check it out.
  11. I was given the Bailey Quick Trim for Chrisstmas and after spending a few minutes putting it together I thought is it going to be worth it? Yes it is. I have used the Grip and by far, this is much simpler than the Grip. I have suggested to Bailey they supply taller magnets and understand they are on the way. You can control any shape you want with this. Square and trim a round foot....endless it seems. If you have a chance, try one.
  12. Good point on the cost, but my question is where do you dispose of 5 gallons of wasted clay every week or two? I don't need nor do I have that many friends who need, mud packs???LOL
  13. Trying to get some clean lines on delicate cut work without having to do so much clean up of the areas once the cutting is complete and the piece is dried ready to fire. These are thrown pieces with even thickness of approxiamtely 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness. Thrown with Moon White High Water clay. Fairly smooth with little sand and grog. Surface has been burnished while on wheel. Also, when glazing, how do you achieve coverage of these cut surfaces without the tediuous hand work of painting each area with a brush. Air brushing the piece just does not reach these cutout areas with causes runs on the surface. Have thought about a ballon inside, inflated to act as an interior surface, but not sure if it will work. Suggestions on best tool and or methods to reach this end results?
  14. Around this time of the year, I am always looking for but can never find tht Perfect Christmas green to use in the Cone 5 oxidation firing. I use different clays from Highwater purged to Moon White to porcelain. Just trying to find something that would be easy to compound or more easily purchased. Anyone found or have such an item?
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