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I first encountered clay in high school - a faint kick-wheel memory. In 1992, at the end of my community college experience, I took a 'for fun' class - ceramics. Then I took it again (as an audit). Then I went to university, got a degree in engineering and went to work full time, the love of clay simmering in the background. A couple of years ago, the economy 'downsized' my job to 30 hours a week, and in an odd paradox, my husband decided that I should get the pottery equipment that I'd been collecting for about five years 'functional'. We set up the kiln and spent money we didn't really have on additional equipment and I've been slowly learning skills. A long way to go, but the journey is a happy one. (Un)Fortunately, my job went back to 40 hours, so studio time is hard to come by.

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