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  1. My KilnMaster II on my new (this summer) Skutt 1018 allows holds in the cone fire mode. Check the manual again. In the Cone fire mode, after entering the preheat, the cone number, then the speed, there should be a hold prompt. Good luck.
  2. Sometimes you can find sheets of Hardiboard - 1/2" NOT 1/4" (at home centers) that have one very smooth side. I like the way a little bit of the clay moisture is absorbed, clay does not stick, one can cut on it, then hose it off, wipe it down, and reuse again and again. After cutting my tiles, I transfer (while maintaining flatness) the cut pieces to the traditional drywall/newspaper sandwiches for drying. We also will begin rolling the clay first directly on the Hardiboard, then flipping it onto a piece of canvas, rolling to final thickness, then stacking and drying to leather hardness, again, using ghe newspaper/drywall combo.
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