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  1. Denice, I don't think you should be offended. People have no idea of what to call us. Sometimes I am stumped what to say about what I do, I usually find myself having to clarify in the most simplest of terms what a potter or ceramics designer does. Often I have to say, "I work with clay. I make vases, bowls, plates things like that". It isn't the public's fault; the times have changed, our work has changed, our purposes have changed. Our clientele has changed and we have no dedicated press. Well said buddy. I do think some time what should I call myself but then it just comes in mind that i have to do my work and this is what I an suppose to do. I do it for the satisfaction of my creativity And there is no word when I feel that so I just think and ignore but yes i will not get fended when some one call me crafty. Accelerate your business today | training and assessment certificate iv
  2. Well what about some YouTube videos. I believe that there would be some channels with rich videos. for some years when I was a student I used to watch them and I must say that i learnt a lot. I am sorry I can provide you the links right now. Accelerate your business today | training and assessment certificate iv
  3. Like such ideas. These are very best to boost the creativity skills among the children and this will also create the healthy environment of competition as children will like to do the best of their best. I am also thinking of applying this too. Accelerate your business today | training and assessment certificate iv
  4. thanks for your reply tom. Like what you said specially the last line is awesome. For me parents are more responsible for this.
  5. I want to discuss about the modern education and our young generation. It has been seen that our young generation even though has best of the best educational facilities and technology but still they are not enough educated as it suppose to be. They are tend to be the spoiler or bratz rather then just being a positive persons. Do they not have any good role model or the teachers are focusing science and technology too much and not focusing upon the moral education, what do you think?
  6. well what i have understood in your post and what i think about that is just one thing that every one has its own life style and by this way it would be hard to make rules according to their life style or extracting from their life style. The rules for education must be universal and there should not be any problem to occupy them. Accelerate your business today | training and assessment certificate iv
  7. Agree with that. I am also a student and young adult student and though not so experienced to say do like that but the idea was quite good so i will like to go with this poster.
  8. I like that idea too. IN general this is my first post and this is my favorite topic too. I like children when the play with clay using their creativity. It is important that the pots should be food safety as this add more attraction in an interior of the house and also using as crockery. I will test your idea and will like to ask more about such ideas.
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