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    Heidi got a reaction from Chantay in Clay Roller Teflon Sticks   
    or try rolling the slab between 2 sheets of thin plastic.
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    Heidi reacted to bciskepottery in Use Of Plastic In The Studio   
    Wax paper. We all remember wax paper bags for carrying our sandwiches and bread wrapped in wax paper -- before plastic bags. Please tell me we all remember wax paper . . .
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    Heidi reacted to bciskepottery in Collaborative Work   
    I've been working with Hsi-Mei Yates, a Chinese brush artist (and also my painting teacher). I make the pottery, she decorates, and I fire. These are mostly pieces we sell through galleries where she also has her other paintings. Having painted with her, I had a sense of how she painted and made pottery forms that would allow her to use the same expressions and techniques on clay as she does on paper. These are pieces she featured in her show at the Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, VA.

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    Heidi reacted to ChenowethArts in Carving Stamps - Any Tips?   
    Most of the small clay stamps that I make are not terribly detailed so I stick with a simple tool set, primarily a sharp x-acto knife, a needle tool, and a few sharpened chopsticks.  To get finer lines, I do the carving when the clay is leather hard and leave some thickness on the linework.  When the project is nearly dry, I then take the x-acto and carefully shave the lines, little-by-little to the desired line thickness/thinness. BTW, I used to thin the stamp handles down to about a quarter inch...this makes them a little brittle when it comes time to put pressure on the stamps when putting them into practice.

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    Heidi reacted to Pres in Expectation And Appearance   
    Reminds me of a day at Penn State that is a well kept secret. Stephenson a professor at grad classes was called away for a meeting. He had started a lesson exploring the virtues of visualizing everyday objects made out of clay. He had two barrels of really smooth slip, and a pile of various objects for us to dip in clay. We started by dipping objects, and evaluating their look as a group under his supervision. Then he was called to an admin meeting, and eventually things progressed/regressed to 6-8 people running around campus covered head to toe in slip. There were pictures of slip dipped students sitting around a table in one of the gas kilns, in the old iron bathtub for slop, on the potters wheel with someone throwing them. The craziest is when a family of 4 were leaving the creamery ice cream cones in hand, one dropped when a pair of slip dipped streakers went running by.   Oh the 70's were the days! What happened to us?
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    Heidi reacted to Beate in Onglaze - Paint With Oil Or With Water Soluble Medium?   
    Hi everybody! I'm new here in this board. So let me just introduce myself before I come up with my questions. In the moment I study ceramics/art in the last year. I'm from germany - I hope you will understand my English and I will find out the special ceramicwords ...
    I've just been starting my first tries on onglaze... we have some modern onglaze colors and some old ones in our studio - and also a water soluble medium for painting.
    I found many books one porcelainpainting with traditionell oil technique but no book wich describes the painting with the water soluble medium.
    Does anyone of you have experience with it or does know a book about it?
    Or would you say - professionell onglazepainting is only possible with the traditional technique?
    I have nothing against oil, its just - the medium is there, an the oil not - and - my local onglaze seller says that this modern onglaze color did work better with the water soluble medium. (he also sells the oil, so that is not the point )
    Hope that someone can help me and I would be very glad about a book tip!
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