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  1. I really use a lot of Marcia Selsor's easy white ball clay Terra sig. I would like to know how much reddart clay to use...is it the same amount? Thanks, Meg
  2. Hi, We have been working months on,getting the pop off slip for 1 step naked raku just righ. I read that you could use a mason jar to mar the viscosity and then compare it when making other batches. If anyone has done this, please let me know. We just tried on a batch of our own, I would be really interested in any words of wisdom or advice. I thoroughly enjoy this process and seeing the results. Thank you, Mountain Meg
  3. Thank you for all of the responses! I am ready to move forward into "large quantities" of glaze making!
  4. I have been enjoying mixing my own glazes and am experiencing success. A friend gave me his cone 10 temmoku glaze recipe rewritten to cone 6 ...I appreciate his kindness; howver, I have not had any success with it. I have found some online but don't know if they are reliable. Thanks for helping me, Mountain Meg
  5. I am beginning to mix 9500 grams of glaze in a 5 gallon bucket. I would like an idea of how much water to add before adding dry ingredients. I did have this information at one time...I appreciate suggestions and ideas. Thank you, Mountain Meg
  6. I am so excited and thankful for all the great responses by all of you! I will try it and let you know. I truly am excited! Mountain Meg
  7. Hi Everyone, I just watched a video on youtube and saw a great white slip applied to a newly thrown large bowl. The slip was thick and allowed the potter to drag his fingers through it making a really interesting design. The recipes for slip that I have are not as thick. Does anyone have a white slip or blue slip recipe that would allow me to apply immediately after throwing and then decorate, too? I appreciate your responses. Thanks, Mountain Meg
  8. Our first cone 10 firing in our West Coast kiln was impressive and we felt very encouraged. We did notice that the kiln door had a new almost glazed like surface in some places....What would have possibly caused this? I appreciate any comments or thoughts. Thanks, Mountain Meg
  9. Hi Brian, Thank you! I looked at your website and noticed the picture gallery. The two mugs with the whitefish oatmeal glaze is almost exactly what I am trying to achieve! I will try the formula you offered. Thanks, Pam
  10. Hi Mark, thanks for replying! After a successful cone 6 firing in the West Coast Kiln and gaining confidence on how reliable and capable it is, I can now head to my dream of cone 10 stoneware!. The white I am looking for is rather oatmeal and matte..good for bowls, plates, etc. I would appreciate any glazes you feel I might enjoy, I do have John Britt's book on highfire glazes. I have always made our glazes and really enjoy measuring, mixing, etc. look forward to keeping in touch! Pam
  11. I a. Excited to be firing my West Coast Kiln to cone 10! I used to use this glaze, Old City White, in Sonoma, CA. I would love to have the recipe once again...thanks everyone 😊
  12. I would appreciate a cone 6 firing schedule for our updraft West Coast kiln. Thank you to those of you who have helped us get to this point with our new kiln. We are successful with candling and have learned so much about the damper. Look forward to firing schedules, too! You can tell, I am excited and so ready to do cone 6 and the cone 10.
  13. Thank you for the replies...it is a purple/blue blend...hippy dippy purple...in the 70's ...San Francisco, Mendocino, Sonoma, CA areas....cone 10 reduction.....just thought someone might have formula...
  14. Hoping to recover my old hippie dippy glaze recipe...cone 10....I have looked everywhere for this favorite. I am excited to use it again. Thanks so, Mountain Meg
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