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  1. On 4/1/2019 at 6:46 PM, LeeU said:

    Holy cannoli...a guy who actually put this in writing!! Has your beloved seen the post? If not, you'd probably raise your hubby-value considerably if you let her read it. :D:D (Yeah, I know, off-topic...just couldn't resist.) 

    I did indeed tell her that she was right. No sense in denying she is smarter than me. ;)

  2. I'm similar to LeeU above. I find putting painters tape on the bottom with a code helps keep them straight. That number is duplicated on the carton if I have it boxed and ready to ship, the spreadsheet I take to the show, and On-line. While I do low fire (horsehair and saggar) that have a "fingerprint" quality to them, it is much easier to pull out the item with a number. It was my wife's suggestion very early on but I was foolish enough not to listen to her for a while.

  3. Nancy,

    I understand your reluctance as my past kiln firing had me thanking the kiln gods for a thick coating of kiln wash.

    I was actually using Coyote Glazes during that firing. I love the Ice blue but like it thick for different effects. In these cases I use a pedestal and catcher just to be safe.


    I don't think I can tell you what is thick enough. Perhaps do some test tiles first so you can see what happens at different thickeness under your specific firing program.

    You could even put them on a catch plate to be 100% safe.


    I can tell you I have had great luck with the stability of the Potters choice glazes. If I were to compare thicknesses, I would say I am more confident about the stability of them than the Coyote glazes, which I love by the way.


    Good luck!


  4. Nlynn,

    While I have had issues with Ancient Jasper (but will keep trying), I have had great luck with many of the Potters Choice glazes. Especially the Albany Slip Brown. I found the link below that might help diagnose the issue you are having - if it is a glaze thickness issue. They have test tiles with different thicknesses. The 'mud' ones tended to be too thin.

    Anyway, good luck.





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