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  1. I did indeed tell her that she was right. No sense in denying she is smarter than me.
  2. I'm similar to LeeU above. I find putting painters tape on the bottom with a code helps keep them straight. That number is duplicated on the carton if I have it boxed and ready to ship, the spreadsheet I take to the show, and On-line. While I do low fire (horsehair and saggar) that have a "fingerprint" quality to them, it is much easier to pull out the item with a number. It was my wife's suggestion very early on but I was foolish enough not to listen to her for a while.
  3. They generally get a 'hard' drop into the trash can. I've been a lot better at culling them well before they get to that stage, however.
  4. I would agree. Very strong. I just wish the show I did last weekend in an affluent area had better marketing or was in a better location.
  5. awesome stuff. You are inspiring me to do some additional experimentation as well. Thank you, Marcia. Marc
  6. I'm fortunate to have a very supportive family. Mom and Dad always want to see the latest work and comment on it. Mom often leaves with a piece to adorn her home (she has many) at the "I gave birth to you" price. Mom has contracted me to make things for her friends and has passed out cards as much if not more than I. Family members will take photos of ceramics during their travels to inspire me. During college I had an interesting conversation with my father on the topic of "what do you want to do?" I told him I wanted to write poetry. He thought for a while (perhaps thinking of his daughter who got a history degree but didn't go into teaching, or the other son who went to the culinary academy, but didn't become a chef.) He looked at me and said, "go into marketing. You can write on the weekend. Being poor is no fun." While I don't write much anymore I do get me artistic outlet with my pottery and I get to share it with my loving family. I had an aunt who passed away and she was the best. She was always very interested in my work. Some thought her comments and questions too abrupt or even rude, but I always felt she just asked the hard questions to get me to think deeper about what and why I was doing something. So...what is my family like? They are awesome! Don't get me started on how awesome my wife is..... Marc Mc
  7. Garage here too. No vents - just fans and open doors. Never had any problems except the time a drycleaner bag blew onto the exterior of the kiln. Marc
  8. I'm a fly fisherman so I have lots of fur and feathers on hand. I've used all sorts of hair including moose, and even some from my dog. All work well. I've found feathers to be tricky for me. Try to find a video done by Marcia. She used them to great success. Marc
  9. I put speakers in my garage/studio so I can listed to music. It just helps me be in the mood to have fun at the wheel. Type of music you ask: basically everything except country and rap. Marc Mc
  10. I always remember the following quote when this question comes up. I often find it interesting what other people call us. I have a friend who is a painter. She refers to what I do as art. Others who only buy "art" would more likely call me a potter....or craftsman. If I were to take the quote as a truism then looking at this forum and the discussion surrounding all facets of this art it would be hard to conclude we all don't work with our heart. Therefore, we are artists all. “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.†― Francis of Assisi
  11. lots of good input. I may have missed someone say it, but you can also find some pads that go between the bat and wheel head. They are a thin spongy material that help the bat grip better. You can usually find them at any online pottery source or local shop...usually listed with the bats themselves. Pretty cheap too. Or I've heard people make them with similar material they had on hand. good luck. Keep at it. You'll get those cylinders down. Marc
  12. I thought I would allow you to learn from my mistakes (I did it on my skutt). Do not be overly efficient with your movements. I just started clipping off the wires from the elements with reckless abandon. Unless you have a perfect memory, this is a bad strategy. Take one element off at a time and rewire it. Otherwise you'll be spending quality time with the wiring diagram. Overall it wasn't a difficult process once I got bast my bonehead mistake. Marc Mc
  13. Thank you. I still have a lot of work to do on the consistency side of these bottles with small necks. Sometimes I just create a mess. Sometimes they happen easily.
  14. From the album: Ferric Chloride

    I set a challenge for myself at the beggining of the year to throw more bottles. Here is one such piece. Straight up ferric chloride coating.
  15. Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly here, but now that I see the others you listed....great...more magazines to get.
  16. I have a GT400 and have abused it for years. I had to replace the pedal a couple years ago. Other than that...rock solid.
  17. I am guilty. I need to take a quick peak, but then I am patient enought to let it cool down all the way to hand touch temp.
  18. I'm in the same boat so I'll be following this thread with much interest. Marc
  19. I'm far from the neat one of the group. I have taken to wearing an apron as I used to just have a collection of old T-shirts that piled up in the studio and required a process to clean them. I've walked into the house after a session and my wife laughs as I have a smear of clay across my face and in my hair. Neat means you aren't working hard enough....right? It doesn't mean I'm a slob.
  20. We must be kindred spirits. Me and mugs have a love/hate relationship too. So, I just don't do many of them. I guess I should just do a 100 of them to find the rhythm but I might be tough live with during the process.
  21. Two here. One electric and one fiber/propane kiln for my sagger firing. I want to build a new raku kiln. that a goal for 2016. Mc
  22. Dad was an engineer when I was growing up. Mom is a very analytical person. No real artistic demonstrations. But, they 100% support me in my artistic pursuits. Well...almost. In college I was an English major thinking of writing poetry for a living. I brought that concept to my dad and I think he saw me living at home forever so he said, "you can write on the weekend. Go into Marketing and use that talent there." He was right. You have to pay the bills. My wonderful, amazing wife pushed me into the muddy sciences and has been my ultimate supporter ever since she sat me down at the wheel while I kept her company in the studio at school. It wasn't long before I was throwing taller pots than the rest of her class. She even had to cheat once after her assignment blew up and used one of my pieces to pass the assignment. Since then she's been my second set of eyes and even has kept me from putting the initial hammer to a piece I wasn't totally satisfied. She is generally right and keeps pushing me. In addition to her I have other friends who are artists who inspire me to keep moving forward. So I guess you would have to say I am a product of self-generated environment. If that makes sense. Marc
  23. I do love the process. Thank you. Marc
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