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  1. Further reading tells me that 115v and 110v is the same? And 30amp is great for a kiln that uses 20amp? So my kiln is compatible with the outlet??
  2. Hi, I'm new here. I've been throwing for a number of years, but always in a classroom setting. I've done a little kiln work (loading and unloading) and have fired an electric kiln, but have no experience with setting up a studio I salvaged an electric kiln recently. I'm guessing it's at least 30 years old, but the price was right (free!). I'm not entirely certain that it works, and since it's been sitting for some time, I'm inclined to think it doesn't. The kiln is a Skutt, model 181. There is no instruction manual, though I'm trying to get one. I'm planning to fire to cone 5. The specs on the panel on it's side are as follows: 115v/230-208 3 wire 20 amp 4600 watts Fires to cone 6 We recently bought a house in a rural setting, and I'm in the process of setting up a studio. One of outbuildings used to house the RV of the previous owner. It is covered, and there is an outlet in which they used to power the RV. The outlet has a matching plug to the kiln, but is marked 110v/30amp. I know I need an electrician in order to make the outlet and kiln compatible, but I'd like to know a little ahead of time, before I call one! I'm ignorant when it comes to electricity... Will this be a simple conversion? I'm also wondering if any of you could recommend a good book on electric kiln repair. I've been to Amazon, and have a couple in my shopping cart, but which would you recommend?? Thanks, Lisa
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