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  1. One more question, okay if I coat the edges with wax, should I do it right away after it comes out of the mold? Or should I let it dry some first? Will it still dry enough with the wax coating on it?
  2. Wow, Marcia, what a wealth of information. Thank you so much. I will give it all a try. I've invested way too much time into this project to just give up.
  3. I have had one successful tile - glaze and everything! How do I repair with paper clay? I am sorry - but I am pretty new to all this. My friend told me I choose one of the most difficult things (molded tiles) to do. Hence the reason she does not do them. Does it have anything to do with how I put the clay into the mold? I started with slabs but got a lot of creases, so someone suggested I just pull off pieces of clay and push into mold and keep doing this until I build it all up. This seems to help a bit with eliminating most creases. After that, I then cover it with canvas and pound o
  4. Well, next dilemma in the tile endeavor. Thanks for your patience and assistance. I have had one completely successful (glazed too) tile out of many tries. I was hoping to have 2 more today. I opened the kiln of my bisque firing and found my 2 tiles with hairline cracks either from the bottom inward or the sides inward. History of the process, they are 7x7 hand pressed molded tiles. They are about 3/4" thick and were given plenty of drying time before the cone 04 bisque firing. I have a small kiln - it is about 9x9 (octagon shape) and I placed one tile on the bottom and the next on a sh
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