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  1. I hope you don't mind this explanation of Neil's suggestion. When the pot dries and shrinks, the bottom gets squeezed around it's edge. This is bowing it so it wobbles.. If you use the heel of your hand to tap it so it is concave, any bowing will go inward and not affect the balance. It is a beautiful piece.
  2. I saw doll molds in a resale shop here in MA. I bet there are others trying to sell them on the ebays of the world.
  3. Yes Babs, I agree. I have mentioned this several times when people ask about their sore hands. So much easier and effective than a million bags of bag balm. I use them all the time when working or cleaning in the studio and hardly notice I have them on. You can get a non-latex box of 100 at the pharmacy for about 11 bucks.
  4. 1/8" is a lot less than a cm. 1cm = 10mm 1/8" = 3mm Yes, I know. That is why I wrote this. I wonder if anyone who thinks porcelain is translucent at a centimeter has actually seen it, because I haven't.
  5. Hi Tom, I use Frost porcelain for translucency. It has a cone 4 to 6 firing range. There are cone 10 translucent porcelains as well. It needs to be about 1/8th an inch for translucency, which is a bit less than a cm, though you could probably get to 3/16ths. If throwing, plan on trimming to get that thin. Casting is also a beautiful option. As far as durability, it is as durable as if it were made of glass, because that is basically what it is. Karen
  6. If you have a specific size in mind, account for the clay shrinkage before making the mold or, as you probably remember, you will be quite surprised when you take your tiny pan out of the kiln.
  7. Hi Sylvia, To minimize dust, I wash my aprons and any rags often, as they become quite dusty with dried clay that was wiped from my hands. When glazing, I wear a shower cap (and big pants and shirt over my clothes) to minimize bringing dust into the house. Changing my pillow case often as well to protect from breathing clay dust from my hair. Karen
  8. I sometimes use calipers on the wall of the bowl. Starting at the wall closest to the foot and slide up to the rim, I can see how much I need to remove. It gives me a good visual.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to help! I have a good flexible plan and the leader is on board. We have contingencies for the speedy and the slow.
  10. Thanks Paul. Thanks for the input Celia, but I'm really looking for help with how long the kids take to do the projects.
  11. So Paul, it sounds like a little over an hour for the 2 projects without painting.
  12. To you teachers, I am going to help a brownie troop of 18 3rd graders earn their pottery badge. They have an hour and 15 mins. for the meeting. Do you know, from your experience, if they will need more than an hour to make a simple slab cup and a fish shaped tile and paint them? I will provide them with the rolled out slabs and maybe some fish templates. When my kids were little and I did their brownie troops, I think that kids took a lot less time to do projects than I figured. But it's been a long time and I just don't remember. I hate to schedule 2 meetings and have them sitting there. Thank you.
  13. I have a large plastic rain barrel which I fill with the hose right before we turn off the spigots for the winter. I've been using this for 10 years. Water is always nice and clear. It is pretty much sealed except for a plastic screwed in plug on the top and a spigot on the bottom with a mini hose. I thought this was temporary, but turned out to be all I needed.
  14. Hi Ruth, I have this pugmill. I bought it about 3 yrs ago. I use it to put scraps from handbuilding, trimming and throwing scraps plus reconstituted clay. If I have clay that is too stiff, I add very soft clay and run it through a couple of times. I cut a long log from it to put directly across my slab roller to make a big wide slab (so easy). Sometimes there are bubbles and I pole a hole in them to de-air them. I make the clay nice and soft to wedge for throwing, for the big slabs I don't wedge. If you look at the picture of this pug mill, you'll see the handle is directly over the mill. I put mine together easily with the handle facing out of the side for better leverage. This does disable the auto shut off mechanism so the pug mill doesn't turn off when the hopper is open, but I work alone so it is not a worry for me. I may at some future date add the de-airer to it, but for now it serves my needs. Karen
  15. I share my studio with a guy who loves to redesign and evolve the studio into a well organised machine so I know your pain. I very much remember where things are by what I was doing when I last used them, not the type of guy to organise things unless a pile of stuff counts What I would give to have a guy like that!
  16. Says 06 to 3. But even so, they give the shrinkage rate at cone 4 (11.2%).
  17. This is the low fire white earthenware that I use: 10VW Very White Earthenware ^05 Laguna I have some small bowls I made from this clay about 7 yrs ago that I kept for my family and use frequently and put in the dishwasher. Also have even older terra cotta bowls that we use all the time with no problem. What I don't like to make from earthenware is teapots or too thin mugs which will burst when boiling water is added. Karen
  18. Look at the thermal conductivity number for the material the shelf is made out of. That is a measure of how "fast" heat energy will tend to penetrate the shelf. Look at the specific heat of the material the shelf is made out of. That number indicates how much energy it takes to heat the shelf material itself up. Look at the combination of specific heat and overall mass of one shelf relative to another to compare them. That will tell you more about how much energy is going into the shelf to heat it up... or how it will tend to slow down the cooling. best, .......................john Thank you john.
  19. @Terry, No, I never tried parchment, but I will, thanks. I don't use a printer, so I don't have to worry about that. How lucky that I happen to have some white tiles left over from a floor to use. Thank you for the help. Karen ps, nice work!
  20. Wondering if the corelite or advancer shelves heat and cool at a rate that is closer to the heating and cooling of the clay? I have issues with this on standard shelves when firing large flat platters or tiles.Solutions have been previously discussed for raising platters off shelves, but not whether changing shelves will help.
  21. I have found that tracing paper buckles terribly when damp. I have used it extensively for transferring pencil drawings, and have to do it pretty quickly. I can't wait to try this method.
  22. Thank you, it does. I assume you use a smoothly glazed tile. Is that correct? Karen
  23. Anna or Terry, Do you have a preference for the type of paper you use? Thanks for sharing this technique. Karen
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