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  1. From the album: 2015

    Standard 112 clay, cone 6 ox
  2. From the album: 2015

    Standard 112 clay, cone 6 ox
  3. Karen B

    YOY Bowl

    From the album: 2015

    Standard 112 clay, cone 6 ox
  4. I was at a Jennifer McCurdy workshop last weekend. Someone asked her about her back. She said she uses an office chair (with wheels removed) and changes the height throughout the day, in relation to what she is doing on the wheel. She also rides her bike 20 miles each and every morning (on Nantucket!). She also works 7 days a week. And this is what she says keeps her back from hurting.
  5. Even though I make my own glazes, I was interested in trying a couple of the Amoco Celedon glazes for the interesting shades presented in the ad. They looked awful the first time (on porcelain), and after talking to the customer service people, who told me not to do a slow cool, they looked equally awful the second time. Ya win some, ya lose some. This was just a waste of money.
  6. The thing about cultural expression is an interesting idea. In Japan the culture was so much more contained, the evolution of the forms so much slower. Here in America, the culture is a true melting pot. To express this culture is not a simple form or idea. It will vary from state to state, town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood. It will never develop like Japanese pottery. That is not a bad thing. It is true. The huge variations and choices we have within our own studios ARE reflective of our culture. When I was studying art (painting) in NYC back in the early 80's, it would not remain 2D. It broke out in 3D with plaster, chicken wire, wax, wood. The museums and galleries reflected a lot of this genre. I spent one summer back then in San Francisco in a painting class at San Francisco Art Institute. I gathered mediums for the class, but all I felt compelled to work with was colored pencils and water colors on paper. The air, the culture, the smell, the energy, the people, all different. It affected me. Maybe one should take Hamada's comment about adding granite to the clay as just about that specific act.
  7. Really nice Mark. I feel that your craftsmanship is what makes the glazes sing. I am outside of Boston, ha ha and I love it.
  8. I take lots of notes NOW. I remember to do this because I know I will NOT remember anything in a month. I also am fanatical about labeling everything, especially cups of test glazes, slips, stains, bags of clay! Once I go to the next thing, I cannot remember what was. It is the pain of not knowing that forces me to be diligent. Tape and marker are as important as note book.
  9. One of many hormones that are released when pregnant loosens joints, so care is needed with pressure and weight. All the best! ( I have 2 "babies" age 18 and 19)
  10. Chilly, - "So long as you have space to hide it and space to mount if for using, you DO have the space!" What's cool is even if your suggestion is not fitting for me, it will probably give someone who wants an extruder ideas for installing theirs. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough in my earlier comment, but I am not looking to get an extruder. I am looking forward to talking to some tech support people about the pugmill dies tomorrow. I will post the outcome. Battening down the hatches now for a possible blizzard tomorrow night!
  11. Yes, on days like today, 6"+ of snow, or bitter cold nights, I pull my car in so no room for anything outside of that leg. Also need to wedge there. Other side would interfere with the functionality of the table. Thanks so much for all the suggestions.
  12. oldlady, I will call the manufacturer on Monday. Do you have the same model that I do? Hmm it sounds like there are 2 unwanted guests at this party, Gravity (thanks Mark C), and Resistance.
  13. Ha ha, I knew if I said I had absolutely no room for an extruder that people would take that as a challenge. So thank you for your enthusiasm! but I really have no room. It sounds like the die I want will work for the minimal need I have for extrusions and will cost me under $25 with my gift certificate. I appreciate you all being there when I need you! Karen
  14. Thanks Stephen, I will think about the board, but I guess it will roll forward ok. I can't justify getting an extruder, plus I have absolutely no place for it. The switch on the Shimpo is very conveniently placed. No reaching required. I also have assembled it so the handle you see on the hopper is turned 90 degrees clockwise for better leverage. I will post pics.
  15. Thanks for your help. I have been going back and forth on this for 6 months. Knowing that the pieces will separate is tipping me into buying it. Having won a Bailey gift certificate for about half the cost is tipping me the rest of the way.
  16. Thanks for your insight. I'm guessing that I wouldn't want the clay too much on the soft side either.
  17. I have been considering purchasing one of these extruder dies that are made to fit on my Shimpo Pugmill. But when I look at the picture, I can't imagine that the extrusions won't meld together as soon as they pass through. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! Karen
  18. Yes, but only the best pieces. I couldn't bear to go to their house and see an imperfection glaring at me. The best thing is when I go to a far-away friends house after several years, and they point out something I made. Usually I forgot I made it and enjoy the momentary objectivity of seeing the piece.
  19. I'll use any cylindrical form, from the cardboard roll from toilet paper to a large oatmeal container. Just remember to wrap a layer of newspaper around the form before the clay. When the clay firms up, slip the roll out.
  20. Hi Crusty, I have been doing lots of plates lately. For glazing, I wanted to dip, so I rigged up a cardboard box to be wide and narrow and tall enough to dip 2/3 of the plate. I put in a garbage bag and folded it over the sides of the box. You don't have to worry about the bag being smooth or unwrinkled because when you pour in the glaze it pushes the bag against the box. For efficiency in the kiln, I fit one plate per half shelf, and stagger the shelves. The plate does stick out off the shelf a little bit, but has not been an issue. I can fit 10 plates in my skutt 1027.
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