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  1. Seasoning the kiln in very important.  You know what they say,  "Seasonings is the spice of life."   However, if you add too much salt in this case, you'll never get it out of the kiln....lol.  So  this time of year i'd stick with nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon.   You have to adjust the seasoning depending on the time of year...

    I hope everyone injoys this season's spices and their dishes (or mugs).



  2. 2 hours ago, neilestrick said:

    Agreed, if the elbow is further back from the tip. I was picturing the elbow being right at the tip, though- pipe, elbow, close nipple, retention tip. That's how I've always seen it done.

    1.  The elbow will be at the ens followed by close nipple and retention  tip.

    2. I have a honeywell selanoid gas valve at the back of the gas line before the T to each burner.  It is closed when not powered.  It is part of my high limit loop.  If the power goes out, it closes.  It also closes when high temp limit is reached.   The sensor for this loop will be my lower kiln  thermocoupler.  Does that sound reasonable?

    3.  I will redesign the gas nipple to give better air flow around it.  When tested the flame was about 18 to 20 inches in length,  but not a lot of blue. So I think I need to inprove air flow.    I have only used propane for my forges and ealier conversion kiln.  Is natural gas a more "lazy"  flame, because my burners did not have the dragon's breath I am used to seeing with propane?

  3. 20200822_181158.jpg.f8f6cef41fcf89e47900fad343167a0a.jpg

    1 hour ago, Bill Kielb said:

    Flame retention - you may find it necessary to buy and install flame retention tips to keep the flame near the tip.....

    Kiln looks nice!

    1.   Are the flame retention tip male or female?

    2.  I have debulked the are in front of the port and I think I will have the mixing chamber come in at a 45 degree angle.  It will just have a single 45 degree bend into the port.  It's better than two 90 degree bends.   


  4. 7 hours ago, Bill Kielb said:

    Interesting - nice, piping / burners seems confusing.

    yes. Because the building retrictions, I had to reduce from a 54 x 54 footprint to a 45 x 45. This put my primary burner ports in line with the chimney. So, I had to kick the chimney off the back wall by 13.5" giving me room for the burner inlets.  The result is that the burner heads take two 90 degree turns after the mixing chamber in order to line up with the ports.  If this causes problems, I will have to mount the burners vertically with a single 90 degree turn afer the mixing chamber to enter the kiln.   I still have not mounted my blowers the the back of the burners.  And finally, my baso valves and pressure regulator have not arrived.   This weekend , I will be installing the upper limit/ power loss shut off circuit.  Lots to do.


  5. Strictly speaking on definitions,  modern pottery can remain "modern" for only 100 year.  After that it would no more be modern pottery, but antuque pottery.   So, as I see it modern pottery lasts fot 100 year.  But, antique pottery ca last thousands........lol.....just thinking......maybe too much.



  6. The lower cone electric kiln walls are thinner than their cone 10 counterparts.  You may want to think about removing the stainless steel and wrap it with kaowool.  When you rewrap the kiln with the stainless steel, don't squish the kaowool. Instead, you may need to buy a 6 -9 inch wide sheet of stainless steel to cover the the gap  in the original stainless steel sheet metal.


  7. On 8/3/2020 at 9:04 AM, neilestrick said:

     When they cycle on and off, the pressure in the kiln gets messed up and the kiln fires very unevenly. In combination with the gas adjustments, you also need an automatic damper adjustment that can control the pressure in the kiln, as that will change as the gas and temperature increase. 

    How does one monitor the pressure in the kiln?  Does a person use a manometer and a water column, a piezoelectric plate, or is there a special guage that costs a bundle of money?


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