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  1. Hi Guys I have done a lot of research but would like to hear some input from some potters. I am pretty new to all this. I am making a ceramic tile plaque and have a lovely deep blue glaze for main background colour but for the detailed design on top I have plumped for enamels by Humbrol as I was unable to find anything else that would be as vibrant to paint on the glazed surface. I also couldn't seem to find any particular ceramic enamels after lots of searching. Any other ideas? I have contacted Pottery Crafts & Potclays in this regard x
  2. I can't blame you for that... I've tended to do the same thing, searching Google and forums for my answers instead of turning to Hamer & Hamer first. I'm getting better at remembering that it's there and what it's for. I'm with Stephen - semantics. I use the term biscuit firing for any firing before glazing and bisqueware for the stuff I might buy from someone like Potclays to just glaze myself ie is made for the particular purpose of commercial selling for people who perhaps cannot throw items etc and would like to make presents that are unique for their friends and family or to pr
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