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  1. Thanks. I will try your suggestion the next time I fire the kiln. I have only this kiln connected to power. It’s 10 cubic feet so it takes me a while to fill it. I always feel I should have a full kiln but maybe if I am slow cooling it might not matter as much. I have a 7 cubic foot L&L kiln but it has a kiln sitter (not connected to power). Not sure if that would be any better since I would not have as much control as it seems you have with a computer. I would like to get a smaller kiln so it would not take so long between firings. I have been trying to use my kiln and not just bisque
  2. Thank you ..I love all this information. I’m trying to understand, so I was thinking the exhaust fan was the problem because the first time I did a slow cool I turned the fan off and had no problem. I thought by having the fan on the bottom cooled much quicker making the difference between the thermocouples more than 50 degrees causing the E2 error. Should I maybe open the spy holes to help with the cool down and then close them? Another thought would be to add another segment and cool to 1800 degrees at the 300 degree rate. Then do a segment of maybe 100 or 150 degrees to the 1700 where
  3. Neil I usually leave plenty of room around the thermocouple . I will check on that when I unload. The odd part of this is the first time I tried a slow cool I used the crash cool(999) and I had no problems. The second time I got the E 2 error code. I thought it was because I missed the top temperature where I usually turn the exhaust fan off. So this time I made sure I was at the kiln to turn off the fan when it reached top temperature. I thought I was home free and went outside in the yard to do some gardening. I was quite upset when I checked the kiln two hours later and saw the error cod
  4. The kiln had fired to temp and was on its way down for a slow cool.. It is a baileys 10 cubic feet. The guy from Baileys never ended up calling me back :-( I ended up getting in touch with Steve at Bartlett (the tech at the controller company). He was very helpful. He said I should try going down 300 degrees to 1700 where I have a 10 minute hold. He told me what to do so I could see the temp the kiln was at. It was hotter in the middle. So part of my problem might have been that I loaded the kiln to tightly in the middle. He told me how to turn the kiln back on if this happens again next
  5. I just went out to check on my Bailey electric kiln I had programed a slow cool. The last time I did this I got the error code E2 . I talked to tech support and they told me to put the first cooling drop to 400 (instead of 999)degrees to 170 0. I did that this time and I still got the E2 code. I called Baileys again and the tech person is on vacation so I am waiting for someone else to call me back. It hit the top temp of 2185 at around 915 this morning. I there anything I can now do to get this kiln started again and try to slow down the cooling?
  6. Great idea. We have been having a lot of rain up here in Vermont so I was reluctant to put it out in the sun. My husbands greenhouse (he is the gardener in the family) is pretty empty now so there is room in there. Thanks
  7. So any suggestions on the best way to dry it out? I also had some Nepheline Syenite get wet can i just dry that out too?
  8. This past winter we had two floods in my studio basement from heaven rains. Most of the chemicals I had stored down there were in airtight containers. They were fine. I had gotten a large bag of Albany slip from a retiring potter, it was doubled bagged in plastic garbage bags. I thought it was safe. Turns out there must have been a hole in the bag and it got very wet. Is there any way to save it?
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